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Quarantine Do’s & Don’ts: Managing Greying Hair & Root Regrowth

Help! My roots need a touch-up but I can’t go to the salon yet. What can I do about this?”Nothing says time has passed more than outgrown roots and grey hairs.

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Real Reviews: How I used Anti-Red Shampoo to Refresh my Brown Hair!

Ever wonder what green shampoo is for? See what the Elgon Anti-Red shampoos can do for your color treated brown hair in Jenny’s hair story. 

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How to Grow Hair Faster: The Truth According To Experts

It’s time to set the record straight on hair loss. Time to debunk myths and reveal facts on hair loss to help you get the most effective treatment.

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Mane Talk: Crafting a Better World Through the Power of Aromas

Experience with Aveda, a plant-based pro hair care line that offers an entire universe of products that are natural, effective, and environmentally friendly.

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Top 3 Natural Hair Colors For The Earth Goddess In You

Inspired by #Plantitas, we’ve short listed 3 beautiful natural shades that make your hair color an escape all of its own. 

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How Tired & Damaged is Your Hair? Find Your Treatment Here.

Not all damaged hair is the same so your solutions shouldn't be either. Find the repair solution that best fits your needs by learning more about the degree of hair damage you may be experiencing. Try out our expert-guided quiz.

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