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The Original Bond Builder

Repairs the broken bonds and rejuvenate hair. Increases tensile strength and restore elasticity. Protects the hair follicle from further breakage.

Cleanse, Refresh & Hydrate

A comprehensive haircare aimed at improving the health and appearance of colored, bleached, damaged and prone to breakage hair.

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This is What You Need To Know About OLAPLEX N°0

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Repair & Strengthen

A comprehensive system designed to repair and strengthen damaged hair. Collectively works to transform and rejuvenate hair, leaving it healthier, smoother, and more resilient.

Heat Protector

Olaplex No.9: Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum

The anti-damage hair shield

Seeing dull hair, tangles, or poor style retention? These could be signs of pollution or heat damage. Protect your hair from daily damage with this weightless, leave-in, silicone-free hair serum to shield hair from pollution for 48 hours and provide heat protection up to 450°F (232°C).

Shine & Style

These Olaplex products not only aid in styling but also contribute to the overall health and appearance of the hair, making it more resilient, smooth, and shiny.

Frequently Asked Questions

All hair types (natural, curly, fine, straight, etc.) derive most of their integrity from healthy, properly paired, disulfide bonds. When hair is damaged via thermal, chemical, mechanical or environmental factors, these disulfide bonds are broken apart resulting in single sulfur hydrogen bonds.

What happens after a disulfide bond breaks? There are two reactions that can take place. The first reaction is that the single sulfur hydrogen component pairs with a single oxygen molecule. This makes a perfect pair with no further damage taking place.

The second reaction is where damage occurs. A single sulfur hydrogen molecule will pair with three oxygen molecules creating S03, or what is known as a sulfate group. The protonated sulfate is known as Cysteic Acid. Cysteic acid then eats the protein out of the hair.

In the case of chemical services, OLAPLEX works by pairing with the single sulfur hydrogen bond faster than the three oxygen molecules can.

OLAPLEX is beneficial for all hair types. Whether your hair is Color Treated, Texture Treated, Virgin or anything in between, it is damaged on a daily basis. OLAPLEX assists in both preventing that damage and repairing it, returning the hair to a virgin like state. OLAPLEX is compatible with all manufacturers chemical service products. Your hair is an investment, and the only accessory that you never take off. In fact, it’s the only thing short of plastic surgery that can change the way you feel about yourself. Everyone wants beautiful, healthy, manageable shiny hair and with OLAPLEX, that can become a reality!


OLAPLEX is great for virgin hair. It helps to repair existing damage while protecting it from thermal, mechanical and environmental damage. OLAPLEX strengthens and prepares the hair for future services.


OLAPLEX can be mixed into all Colors and Lighteners to lessen the damage caused by these services. OLAPLEX is also used to maintain and repair Color Treated hair for healthy, beautiful looking hair.


OLAPLEX rebuilds, restructures and improves moisture retention to curls that have lost their shape. OLAPLEX infuses curly hair with added moisture and condition for beautiful bouncy, resilient curls. Fragile curly hair has more lightening and chemical service options when OLAPLEX is used.


OLAPLEX will strengthen straight hair, improving manageability, movement and shine. The condition of the hair won’t be compromised using thermal styling options such as curling irons, hot rollers, etc. when the hair is treated prior with OLAPLEX.


OLAPLEX helps to maintain the integrity of the hair before, during and after all texture services. Texture services last longer, and the hair stays in better condition when OLAPLEX is used correctly. Damage-free Color and Lightening Services performed after any texture service are possible when properly using them with OLAPLEX.


OLAPLEX can be used on all 100% human hair extensions. Some extensions have a Keratin coating on them which can sometimes act as a barrier to the OLAPLEX Treatment. Extensions sometimes are treated with textile dyes which can lead to unpredictable results with Color or lightening. With any type of glued in or taped in extensions, we recommend keeping OLAPLEX off those areas to avoid possibly loosening them. When in doubt, always perform a Strand Test on extensions as results may vary.

OLAPLEX begins repairing hair bonds upon first use! OLAPLEX’s patented ingredient, Bis- Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, is designed to target the millions of disulfide bonds within our hair that give it structure and stability. These bonds can be damaged or broken in numerous ways, including heat from styling tools, color and chemical treatments, brushing, environmental factors and the natural aging process. Users of OLAPLEX can protect their hair and expect visibly healthier, stronger and more vibrant hair.

OLAPLEX does not currently manufacture or sell products containing lilial. In September 2020, the EU regulatory authority announced their intent to phase out Butylphenyl methylpropional commonly referred to as "lilial" by March of 2022. At OLAPLEX, lilial was previously used in small amounts as a fragrance in N°.3 Hair Perfector and N°.2 Bond Perfector. It is not an active or functional ingredient. While this phase out is limited to the EU, out of an abundance of caution, OLAPLEX proactively removed lilial from our N°.3 Hair Perfector and N°.2 Bond Perfector globally.

Read more detailed information here. Please be advised the experts are not affiliated with OLAPLEX.

All OLAPLEX products contain a recommendation on the packaging for how long the product is safe and effective to use after opening. The period-after opening symbol looks like a pot with an open lid and has a number inside or underneath (6M, 12M, 24M or longer).

Once this time period has passed, the product should be discarded and re-purchased for maximum safety and effectiveness.