Why Curls Really Love OLAPLEX

Editor’s Note: This article was initially published in Olaplex. Tousled Online Magazine editors have done minor edits.
All curly hair has ever wanted is to be healthier. It might be notoriously fussy and susceptible to damage, and while you may have spent more of your life being frustrated by it than loving it, it finally found peace in its bestie, OLAPLEX. Who knew the holy grail of curly hair products would be one that rebuilds the internal structure of hair? Since inception, OLAPLEX has become the secret weapon of curly haired people, and the reason is simple. Turns out what curly hair needs to thrive is some tender love and hair, patience, and OLAPLEX.
 Curly hair Olaplex Routine
Curly hair’s fragile nature isn’t the bottom line of why it’s more susceptible to damage. The truth is, many with curly hair strive to assimilate into beauty standards that favor straight hair. As a result, many people with curly hair have spent years fighting their texture using thermal heat styling tools or chemical relaxers.
Why is curly hair so fragile?
Not a loaded question, promise. Curly hair is notorious for being innately dry. This adds onto its already fragile nature. Curly hair has a weaker cuticle that is prone to tangling, because of its twists and ribboning. Pair that with dry hair, and you have knots that lead to more damage.
While those treatments may have changed their hair texture at the time, what they’re left with is even weaker hair that has now undergone thermal and or chemical stressors. It’s a sure path to damage, which is why people that fight their texture often have compromised fried hair. Before OLAPLEX, the solution to damage was getting a big chop and waiting for the rest to grow out.
Back in 2014, OLAPLEX was the first opportunity curly hair had to strengthen and heal. Now, with an entire line of patented OLAPLEX infused technology plus their original Nº.3 treatment, curly hair keeps getting better and better! With each treatment using OLAPLEX Nº.3 at home, curly hair (and all hair types, of course) gets as close to its virgin-like state as possible. This means, especially for curly hair in recovery from thermal styling and chemical treatments, that curls can be rebuilt and brought back to life. Now, OLAPLEX is no magic wand. In severely compromised damage cases, a trim is vital, and at that point anyone should want to get a trim to give the hair extra oomph. In any case, with patience, and a lot of OLAPLEX, curls have a chance to thrive!
OLAPLEX being a curls best friend isn’t just for damaged curls, it’s maintaining the health and appearance of healthy curls too! Curls especially love Nº.6 Bond Smoother for frizz-free styling and moisture, along with OLAPLEX Nº.7 for shine and extra bond building! Consistency is key with healthy hair and curls, so determining a routine that works for you and your lifestyle will further help the momentum your texture has as healthy, bouncy, curls!

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