Not Ready to Go Full Blonde? Here are Alternatives That Don’t Scrimp on Style

Ready to go blonde but not ready for the steep price tag it comes with?  We get it, the cost of being blonde is a serious commitment, not to mention the aftercare you’ll need for its maintenance. Good thing there are amazing and likely more affordable (though not always) alternatives to lighten up your look, short of going all the way blonde. Check out these salon-savvy ways to style your hair on your next visit.
Editor's note: We say “likely more affordable” only because hair coloring and bleaching prices vary based on a variety of factors that could include the skill level of the stylist, amount and type of products used, and more. 


One of the biggest reasons we hear people say about hesitating to go blonde is the root maintenance. Hair generally grows at a rate of 2- 4 inches every 4 months. In that span of time your roots would likely need a retouch. But if you’re not so keen on bleaching your entire head of hair, then an Ombré that works with your natural hair color would be ideal. 
An ombre is a dramatic color effect that splits hair into two contrasting color sections usually with a darker shade at the roots and a much lighter shade in the lengths and ends. This gradual blending technique comes from the french word “to shade.” The effect is stunning and quite versatile with a range of colors you can do once you bleached your strands. It’s not as high maintenance as going full blonde so you don’t need to worry as much about retouching your roots.


Among the many different styles, the balayage may give your look the closest full bleach effect without bleaching all the way to your roots. Similar to the ombre, the balayage transitions from one color to the next but does so far more gradually, hand painting top sections and slowly adding in more and more strands as it goes down along the length of the hair. It can also look more illuminating since pieces of hair are lightened, resulting in a more in-depth look. 


Highlights are a great way to incorporate lighter strands but starting at the roots. A professional hair stylist will likely bleach or lighten select strands depending on the highlights style you’re going for. Afterwards, a color treatment across the whole hair is likely coloring over the pre-lightened strands to make more depth and dimension, instead of just one solid color all throughout. 
Unlike the previous two, instead of gradual changes, highlights come in various types. From chunky large thick pieces to thin baby streaks, to face-framing money piece highlights, this style is incredibly versatile and can totally elevate your look.

How should I ask for these styles?

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We always recommend you go to your stylist with pegs for them to fully understand your hair goal. In this way, even if you don’t know all the salon lingo, you can guide them towards the look you are aiming for. That said, these styles involve bleaching, so it’s important to share your hair history with them to ensure the results are appropriate for your hair condition. 
So if you’re ready for a hair color change, great! Just remember that regardless of your salon style, these strands will need special care once bleached. Whether ombré, balayage or highlights, your hair will still need proper care to ensure that the bleached part of your hair remains brassy-free. Check out our toning selection at here.
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