How To Achieve Your Perfect Red Hair Color Like These Celebs

In the ever-evolving landscape of hair, trends come and go, but one captivating hue seems to be taking the spotlight by storm: red hair. Since 2023, all shades of red have been on the rise as one of the most sought-after hair colors. From Kathryn Bernardo to Jennie from Blackpink, it's clear that local and international celebrities are embracing fiery shades, sparking interest in all things crimson in the world of hair color.

How To Choose Your Perfect Red

While red can be a universally flattering hair color, choosing the right shade for you may be a challenging task. You may be asking yourself, “Where do I even start?”

Here are four important factors to take into consideration:

Now that you know what to ask, how does this play into choosing that perfect red for your hair? Like choosing a perfect red lipstick, there’s going to be that one perfect shade and tone of red that will compliment you the best, and here are the guidelines you need to follow to help make the most informed choice:

Your skin tone

The rule of thumb with matching your skin tone is the lighter your skin is, the more natural it looks to have pastel or muted hair colors. The deeper your skin is, the more natural it looks to have darker or more vibrant hair colors. Want to look more natural? Go with what suits your skin tone. Want to make a bold or dramatic statement? Go for the opposite.

Your undertones

Undertones are what make your skin “cool” (blue) or “warm” (yellow) and will help you decide what kind of red you should be going for. You can test this out by looking at the veins on your forearm, if most are greenish in color, you have warm undertones. If most are purple, you have pink undertones. If you see both, you have a neutral undertone which is a mix of both. Remember that like color, this is a spectrum! So you may lean more warm or cool while being neutral toned, which will affect your choice.

Generally speaking, choosing a red with the same level of yellow or blue undertones will compliment your features more.

Your current hair color

If your current hair color is darker, achieving a brighter or more drastic red will require bleaching. Take this into consideration before making your decision.

Taking a Page From These Celeb’s Looks

At HairMNL we are firm believers of using color theory to help analyze the perfect match for your hair. And with a plethora of celebrities dipping their toes into the red hair trend, we’ve lined up a few examples of stunning redhead celebs you can use as your next hair inspo based on their complexion and undertone.

And since red hair–like all color treatments– requires maintenance, we’re recommending some aftercare essentials based on the color to help keep your chosen red hair vibrant and healthy in between salon visits.

All product recommendations in this article are color approximates. Actual results may vary depending on the base color of the hair and if the hair is color-treated.


Image Source: Pinterest
Skintone: Pale to Fair
Undertone: Warm
Shade of Red: Strawberry Blonde / Coral

Fair tones are an excellent match for coral or strawberry blonde hair. This almost blonde with a tinge of red gives off a sweetness and youthful appearance.


Image Source: Pinterest
Kathryn Bernardo
Skintone: Fair - Medium
Undertone: Warm - Neutral
Shade of Red: Copper

While the “copper cowboy’ trend has been ongoing since early 2023, Kathryn Bernardo made a splash in late 2023 and made the copper trend explode locally. This copper shade is a beautiful warm red, almost orange tone that suits a variety of skin tones and is a great entry point for those that want to experiment with red hues.


Image Source: Pinterest
Dua Lipa
Skintone: Fair - Medium
Undertone: Warm - Neutral
Shade of Red: Cherry Coke

Color Aftercare Recommendation:
Davines Alchemic Red Shampoo & Conditioner (₱2,900)

Dua Lipa debuted this deeper red shade at the Golden Globes and we couldn’t get enough of it! This is for those that maybe want to try red without going too light, and this rich wine red is another great entry point if you want to explore going red.


Image Source: Pinterest
Megan Thee Stallion
Skintone: Medium - Deep
Undertone: Warm - Neutral
Shade of Red: Deep Fire Red

This fiery red color is an attention stealer in any room and Megan Thee Stallion is a perfect example of how fire red works amazingly on deeper skin tones.


Image Source: Instagram
AC Bonifacio
Skintone: Pale - Medium
Undertone: Neutral - Cool
Shade of Red: True Red 

A vibrant true red is for those that want to go as bold as possible. While this is a versatile color that most any complexion can wear, it really shines on neutral to cool undertones and is the most vibrant on fair skin tones.


Image Source: Pinterest
Skintone: Medium - Deep
Undertone: Warm - Neutral
Shade of Red: Auburn 

Auburn, similar to copper, is a very natural red that suits deeper skin tones and is that perfect entry level for redhead newbies. With hints of brown and orange, this is a red that is wearable and equal parts vibrant yet subdued.


Image Source: Pinterest
Sophie Turner
Skintone: Pale - Deep
Undertone: Cool
Shade of Red: Purple Red

Opting for a dark purple red on very light and cool complexions is an excellent way to transform your look and exude a dramatic, almost mysterious vibe. This also makes lighter features of the face (such as eyes or lips) stand out even more.

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