Schwarzkopf Professional

Scalp Care

BC Bonacure Scalp Genesis Root Activating Program

Targets the root cause of hair thinning and provide deep nourishment for a stronger scalp.

BC Bonacure Scalp Genesis Root Activating Shampoo 200ml
Gently cleanses and activates the hair roots. Improves hair's vitality and reduces hair loss.

BC Bonacure Scalp Genesis Root Activating Serum 10ml x 7
Activate hair roots and reduce hair loss after 6 weeks of regular use.

Hair Care

BC Bonacure Clean Performance

The power of Vegan Keratin in a professional clean formula.

Formulated with advanced vegan technology to create formulas that are full of what's good and free of what's not. Using sustainable packaging and ingredients you trust. Free from sulphates, silicones, and parabens.

Featuring Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Styling

Create Fuller Looks With Volumizing Powder

Hair powder for volume and styling has risen in popularity in recent years, thanks to its amazing ability to add instant volume and thickness wherever...

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How To Use Schwarzkopf’s OSiS+ Hair Wax: The All-In-One Styling Aid

Hair wax is a styling product with extraordinary capabilities. Aside from conditioning hair, wax enhances hair volume, shine, structure, and texture. Find out why exactly...

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Schwarzkopf Hairsprays: Tips & Tricks for Proper Use

It’s fair to say that hairspray is a common sight in bathrooms and cabinets across the world. Still, it’s worth wondering after all these years:...

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Quick And Easy Claw Clip Hairstyles with Schwarzkopf OSiS+

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Hair Styling


Made to create truly individual signature styles, OSiS+ is the creative looks-based styling range that pushes boundaries.

Hair Styling


For long-lasting yet invisible hold.

Delivered by high quality, purified ingredients and micro-sized film-forming agents.

Color Toning

Goodbye Yellow

A highly-pigmented wash that offers an instant tonal deposit to counteract and neutralize underlying yellow tones.

It cleanses hair gently while strengthening thanks to integrated Bonding Technology.