You Need to Try These Low Maintenance Hairstyles by Pinay Celebrities

 With more reunions being planned, you might be looking for some hairstyle inspos you can wear when you have your much-awaited catch-ups. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Like these Pinay celebrities, look trendy and eye-catching but still rock comfy hairstyles with minimal effort. Read on to find our favorite low-maintenance but gorgeous hairstyles that you can copy.
Long Layers
Long Layers, Gabbi Garcia
Image Source: Gabbi Garcia Instagram
Going for short bobs might be 2022’s favorite, but Gabbi Garia proves that opting for long layers is just as stylish. Gabbi’s brown hair, highlights, and natural waves are easy to maintain with its natural tousled look. It might seem difficult to pull off, but it’s actually one of the most versatile and low-key hairstyles to try!
Try using the Davines This is a Sea Salt Spray: For Full-Bodied, Beachy Looks, P1,350 for achieving that beachy and wavy body look with a natural shine. You won’t have to wait too long before you’d be strutting that signature Gabbi Garcia hair!
Blunt Textured Bobs
ThatsBela, Textured Bobs
Image Source: Thats Bela Instagram
From her DIY tutorials in high school to her college diaries, Bela grew up right in front of our eyes or, rather, through our screens over the years. She went from straight black hair to looking sophisticated and effortlessly chic with this layered chopped lob – definitely one of her best looks! 
The key to maintaining this look is to define your bob’s layers. Luckily, we have the AVEDA Volumizing Tonic™ 100ml, P1,900, to help with that! Use this to easily section your chopped layers and enhance the volume between fringes. Not only is this the perfect volumizing product that works on fine and medium hair, but it adds shine too!
Front Baby Braids
AC Bonifacio, Baby Braids
Image Source: AC Bonifacio Instagram
This style craze has been blowing up all over Tiktok, and dancer AC Bonifacio is one of the many celebrities to hop on this trend. But what’s the cinch about baby braids besides their cute, playful look? It’s an effortless hack to tidy up shorter strands that tend to fly away, and it’s perfect for those who prefer to airdry their hair. With her luscious black locks and middle parting, AC looks just like the easy-going dancer she is.
But getting your baby strands to act in your desired direction requires a defining stronghold, similar to the Davines This is a Strong Dry Wax: For Defined Matte Textures, P1,350. Simply apply it to your strands, braid properly, and add a retro-colored band to finish the look. You may even add a bit of the product to the wisps of hair on your forehead to tame its movement –plus, it’s not sticky to use. In fact, you can just as easily wash it off and restart!
Clean Low Buns
Kelsey Merrit - Clean Low Buns
Image Source: Kelsey Merrit Instagram
Known for being the first Pinay to walk the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Kelsey Merrit embodies elegance and sophistication with her polished looks. While just slicking back her hair, she makes this clean low bun look regal and classic - and you can achieve this look too! 
Finish off that low bun with the Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Flexwax Ultra Strong Cream Wax 85ml, P1,400. The quote, a little goes a long way, works best with this wax because its creamy consistency gives your tresses that natural shine. Plus, it washes out easily and is not difficult to maneuver around your strands. Try this, and people might mistake you for a model-off-duty!
Kelsey Merrit
Image Source: Kelsey Merrit Instagram
Jumping onto trends can be exciting yet overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. But these hair favorites are classic styles that are beginner-friendly and easy to maintain.
Which of the hairdos would you like to give a go? In case the recommended hair products don’t work to your taste, you can check out the full styling collection or send us a message, and we can work your hair out together! 

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