8 Iconic Hairstyles From Blackpink’s Most Awaited Comeback, Pink Venom

Blinks have been waiting for years for Blackpink’s highly anticipated comeback - and it was worth the wait! Blackpink recently gave the comeback of the century with the release of Pink Venom. Since the launch of their dazzling MV plus their explosive performance in the VMAs, this hit song has continued to be on everyone’s endless repeat! We can’t get over Pink Venom so we’re here to break down 8 iconic hairstyles that Lisa, Jennie, Rose, and Jisoo sported in the Pink Venom MV.
Braided Half Buns
Braided Half Buns
Who else can pull off fierce and cute in one look? Only Lalisa! With her front top bangs secured into mini braided buns, Lisa's wavy locks freely bounce in her every dance move. Now, to top this elegant but edgy hairstyle, a few of her bangs escape her tight buns and flow on her forehead to achieve that carefree and mildly disheveled finish –what a fashion icon!
Copper Layers with Bangs
Lisa Copper Hair Era, Pink Venom
We can never miss out on Lisa’s signature front bangs, which look perfect even when she’s performing intense choreography. Only this time, we see her take a break from her usual jet-black locks and don a gorgeous copper-auburn shade, matching her fierce dance moves.
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Low-Pigtails & Braids
Jennie, Black Pink, Pink Venom
  Known for her flexibility to serve many different styles, Jennie can look sophisticated with her sweet hairdos to looking cool and brazen with her edgy outfits. She can add finesse to any look, especially this voluminous hairstyle with distressed low pigtails and front-baby braids. 
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Ribboned Micro Braids
Jennie Ribbons, BlackpinkJennie - Blackpink
We can’t get enough of Jennie’s braided looks, only this time, her long luscious brunette hair is paired with multiple micro braids crowned with red ribbons. Her charisma shines in this hairstyle and this look is a true testament to what Jennie can pull off. 
Straight Black Hair 
Jisoo Black Hair, Blackpink
This has to be one of the most polished looks of Jisoo in Pink Venom, and she totally looks gorgeous! This simple and sleek hairstyle highlights Jisoo’s beauty as she shines in the MV. 
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Braided Headband
Jisoo, Pink Venom
Working around straight black hair offers many styling options. Still, Jisoo extravagantly pulled off this double braided headband look while pairing it with gold jewels to emphasize her regal beauty. Letting her black tendrils shape her face, Jisoo stresses her stunning face shape – looking every bit of the queen she is! 
Updo with Side Bangs
Rosé  Updo with Side Bangs
Rosé is known for her blonde locks but this white-to-black ombre has to be our season's favorite! With her hair in an updo, it highlights the ends of her strands, adding a slightly rough and edgy finish. Not to forget, the middle parting and long side bangs to highlight her cheekbones.
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Bow Buns
Rosé Bow Buns
If Jennie went for micro-braids tied with red ribbons, Rosé went full-on ribbon by equally parting her hair to form buns, but not just any kind! She pulled off an iconic bow buns style, featuring red elastics that match her outfit! 
Blackpink PINK VENOM
As trend starters, Blackpink brings us, yet again, a multitude of hairstyles and outfits to talk about. We can’t wait to see all the looks they’ll have for us on their upcoming Born Pink World Tour! 

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