Date Night Up-Do's (and Dont's)

Romantic date

Got a romantic date coming up? Here’s our quick up-do’s and some don’ts that will help you plan for the big night.

Do Wear A Hairstyle That Looks Great For Longer

Short wavy platinum hair
Short natural color hair

Good dates last a few hours, great dates can last up till brunch the next day, choosing the right style that makes it past bedtime could be a game changer. We suggest beach waves and soft curls. It is a widely known secret in Hollywood that soft curls and beach waves are easier to maintain over prolonged periods of filming, the same goes for dates that could last forever. These also act as a reliable base for up-dos like a romantic crown braid, or an elegant side bun with or without the sweeping bangs. These youthful looks are gorgeous for a fun date. And, as you stand in the romantic afterglow of a successful night out, it can also turn into luscious mermaid locks when loosed.

Don’t Go Crazy on the Celebrity Hairstyles

Blue hair
Ariana Grande hairstyle

We all have our style icons.The ones we relate to and give us that bit of confidence when we go out into the world. But often in an attempt to amp capture the look, there is a tendency to go overboard with the look. Always turn it into your personal style. Inspiration, not impersonation. A good rule of thumb is to delete at least one out of three things you're taking from that look. Maybe you want Ari's high ponytail and can pull off her strong cat-eye, but you don't need her full contour (unless you want to). You should certainly bring your A-game to any date, but that also means letting your personal style shine.

Do Go With a Flirty Tried and Tested Look

Gigi hadid hairstyle

Style, like fine wine, needs time to breathe, so whatever your dating circumstances maybe, consider going for a look you've tried for at least a couple of days. Now, this doesn't mean you can't experiment, quite the opposite. In planning ahead you can have the luxury of enjoying the look for longer, while still being able to tweak it till it's comfortable. As tempting as it is to hit two birds with one stone, walking straight from a new-do to your date, may work to your disadvantage. Whether its a cut or a color, walk with your hairstyle in advance so that by date night, you can focus on the moment and not on your mane.

Don't get eyelash extension within 12 hours of your date

Eyelash extension

The eyes, they say, are erogenous zones that draw in attention, so its no surprise that you'd want to give them some attention. But as a general guideline, most style professionals will advise you to not sweat, cry, and wash your face for at least 12-24 hours after getting your new lashes. The last thing you'd want is for your eyelids sticking together from wet eyelash glue. Allow them ample time to set, giving the glue a chance to dry completely while you give yourself some time to get used to the added weight.

Do Give Yourself Ample Time to Prepare

Hair styling

It goes without saying, but it’s worth remembering, rushing to look your best often results in looking your worst. Whether you're assembling a team to get ready for your big date or going it solo, make ample time to get gorgeous. Long gone are the days where being fashionably late is a thing. List what you need to have done from head to toe. Going on a date is a perfectly reasonable excuse to have a spa day. Although, if you ask us any reason is a good reason to get dolled up.

Don't Skip Nor Scrimp on the Conditioner or Moisturizer 

Conditioner or Moisturizer

Keep your skin and hair looking good for longer means using ample amounts of moisturizer. Choose products that last longer, since you won't have lots of opportunities to hydrate.

Couple with coffee

Do Keep It Fun For Yourself

Some dates end on a high note and others... well, are far from a ten. The results are never a sure thing, so hedge your bets on having fun. Narrow your style choices down to the looks that are comfortable and fun.

At the end of it all just remember your style is just an extension of your confidence, but confidence in large part begins from you.

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