Give Her A Mother’s Day Hair Color Pampering

As everyone adjusts to this new normal, moms everywhere are under greater amount of stress. With Mother’s day being just a few days away we want to give you a fresh set of ideas on how you can celebrate her special day even while under quarantine, by offering an ammonia-free root retouch pampering at home. 
Retouching roots and refreshing hair color is hard to do by yourself, so it is the perfect way to show the mother’s everywhere that you care. After a few weeks in quarantine, helping her retouch her roots will surely brighten her day.  With just a few key ingredients, some skill, and loving dedication, plus about an hour or two, you can set up your home as a perfect space worthy of the celebration. Plus, she gets to keep all her favorite hair care products.

What you will need

  • A stool or comfortable chair (add a footstool so she can put her feet up)
  • Towels
  • Ammonia-Free Hair Color
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Hair Oil
  • Hair Mask or Treatment
  • Plastic Cling Wrap
  • Mirror 
  • Salon cape 
  • A small table to organize your things
  • Neck Pillow (wrapped in plastic wrap)

Hair tools

STEP 1 Setting the Stage

Making her breakfast may be the classic way to start mother’s day, but this year, we say let her sleep in. While she’s getting her much-needed beauty sleep, prepare the bathroom or a wide enough space for you to work. But still, be near a sink or water source to use when you need to rinse her hair. Set up the chair, the small table, and gather together your hair spa tools. We encourage you to drape the chair with a cloth or towel to catch any spills.
Hair Color Root Retouch

STEP 2 Hair Color Root Retouch 

Planning to go the extra mile and retouch your roots? It’s a great gesture to be sure but not for the ill experienced.  We insist you read up on the best practices to apply hair color here, as well as referring to her preferred box hair dye for instructions. Use petroleum jelly to line her hairline, nape, and ears to protect the skin from hair color stains. For more detailed tips check out our feature on “Quarantine Do’s & Don’ts: Managing Greying Hair & Root Regrowth.” 
For more about ammonia-free hair color, so that is safer even for new moms, we recommend using Revlon Professional Color Sublime Ammonia-Free Hair Color, ₱ 995. For full instructions, color options, and further benefits check it out here. 

STEP 3  Hair Mask Using the Baggy Method


Davines Circle Chronicles: Let It Go Circle


To give it an authentic hair spa experience, apply a hair mask or her preferred hair treatment. A good treatment will help seal in the color while strengthening the hair, for this, we recommend the Davines Circle Chronicles: Let It Go Circle, ₱ 400. Inspired by Korean skincare culture, it is infused with Brahmi oil that energizes and re-hydrates hair. Plus we love that sweet orange essential oil scent to help relax the mind. Together these provide a boost of hydration to even the most stressed hair. Apply to towel-dried or damp hair after shampooing and using the baggy method, cover it in plastic wrap for about 10 minutes. Rinse off and let dry.
For more on this effective home treatment method, read our feature on The Baggy Method: The Home Hair Hack For Salon-Style Treatment.
Want a custom hair mask to fit her needs, explore all 7 hair masks from Davines Circle Chronicles.

STEP 4 Relaxing Scalp Massage 


Relaxing Scalp Massage


Apply hair oil to the scalp. A few pumps should do. We recommend a soothing multi-purpose hair oil like Lakme K.Therapy Bio-Argan Oil, ₱1,475. A heavenly blend of Argan oil and Vitamin E, it's stress boosting antioxidant formula is great for a  deep massage. Afterward, she can still use this to smoothen out any future frizz. Taking your time, massage her scalp in a circular motion, staying a little longer on the crown, temples, and the nape. Lakme K.Therapy Bio-Argan Oil
All in all, it's definitely going to be a labor of love, a perfect way to say thank you to the best woman in your life. If you like any of the brands we’ve featured please don’t hesitate to ask us about it. For new moms check out our pregnancy and breast-feeding safe selections here. For thinning hair and grey hair browse through our selection here. 
Physically distant from your mom this mother’s day? Check out these amazing hair pampering gifts, so you can still let her know how much you care about her. 
Davines Renewing Shampoo Kerastese Chronologiste Mask Cover up gray hair stick
For more detailed instructions on home hair spas, visit our tutorial on How to Give Yourself a Hair Spa at Home here. 
For more information on DIY Hair color check out our feature on Quarantine Do’s & Don’ts: Managing Greying Hair & Root Regrowth.
We may be apart, but there is always a way to show how much we care for one another. Feel free to connect with us on your many hair care concerns. 

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