How to Choose the Signature Hairstyle For You This 2020

Are you ready to find your one true hairdo? All the greats have that memorable hairstyle. From Audrey Hepburn’s beehive chignon to Ariana Grande’s high ponytail, to Emma Stone’s fiery red hair, beyond trendy, a signature hairstyle is a sign of great personal style.  But settling down on a hairstyle doesn’t mean you won’t be trying on others, it’s just good to know there’s one classic look you can return to that never fails. Here’s our key tips to lock-in that signature hairstyle. 
Heart Evangelista
#1 Know your defining features
One of the key ingredients to creating a signature hairstyle is to know your defining features. Determine your face shape and hairline before studying your hair texture and skin tone. It’s essential to know all this so you have a baseline understanding of your distinctive attributes to better highlight (or hide) them. Here are some factors you should look into:
  • Face Shape and Jawline- Generally, you would fall into one of 9 facial shapes. Knowing this would help you pick out a face-framing haircut. These can be taken by measuring the width of your cheeks and jawbones against the length of your chin and forehead. For more on this check out our article on hairstyles for different face shapes. 
  • Hairline - With some exceptions, most people have hairlines that are either rounded, straight or have an “M” shaped line known as a widow’s peak. Take note of the degree and depth of the hairline as against your forehead to help determine things like bangs and other face-framing cuts.
  • Hair Texture - Hair texture can either be coarse, medium or thin. 
  • Skin Tone - Know the color temperature of your skin as well as your undertone.  From cold to warm colors, skin tone can help you decide on which shades would work best for you.  
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#2 Understand your lifestyle 
Are you’re always on the go? Do you have long work days or live in a hot humid climate? These are just some of the things that can influence your signature hairstyle. You want a look that melds well with your lifestyle and routine. For example, curls will take time to set, straight hair is subject to humidity and color fades quicker under the sun, these things can help you form a routine that works for you. 
 Ariana Grande
#3 Seek inspiration
You don’t have to figure these out alone. Luckily you can take inspiration from the entire library of hair icons out there. Now that you’ve determined your baseline, search for celebrities who share the same or similar attributes that you have to see how they developed their signature look. Don’t forget to search for color inspirations as well, as these can provide dramatic results. Store them on your phone to take with you on your next appointment with your stylist. 
Janine Gutierrez
#4 Practice, Try and Tweak
If you end up gravitating to a signature look that involves curling, braids or styling products, you can already try these on even before you have your haircut and color. It will also give you a feel for how much time and effort your signature look will take. It’ll also give you an idea on the longevity of the style. If you get tired of it in a day or two, the style may not be the one. 
Kim Kardashian
#5 Consult with an expert stylist
After you’ve done your due diligence, it’s time to consult with a hairstylist you trust and feel comfortable talking to about your hair goals. Find the Chriss Appleton to your Kim K and with your hairpins you can discuss which among these looks are best for you. Remember it doesn’t have to be drastic, it just needs to be you. 
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