Bridal Hairstyles You Can Start Wearing Today

Getting married in 2020? We’ve got the hairdos to try out before your “I do’s.” From whimsical hues to caramel highlights and tousled curls, our list shows how brides will be breaking convention in this new decade. Don’t wait till your wedding day to try these styles. Perfect the way you move in them way in advance by checking out favorites below. 
Pastel Colors with Hair BouquetsHair Bouquets
#1 Pastel Colors with Hair Bouquets 
Unlike the past years, fairy hair color is sure to be a big thing for brides in 2020. Whimsical soft blush pinks and platinum blondes with warmer strawberry undertones are flattering for a range of skin tones. An alternative to this is an ash blonde to pink balayage, a soft gradation from grey to pale pink. It’s for the kind of bride that wants to be present in the day with a look that’s very much in vogue.
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Smooth Copper Wavy Smooth Copper
#2 Smooth Copper 
Brides wearing red no longer come as a shock to many, but changing up your hair color for the big day surprisingly still is, which is why this made our list. A color between strawberry blonde and classic red, ginger colors are stunning on pale white dresses and deserve their share in the spotlight. To give it more subtle depth and dimension, add strands of caramel highlights. 
Pro Tip: Don’t just settle on a color, choose the right color temperature within your chosen color range to match your cool or warm skin tone.
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Chocolate Brown with Glam Curls
#3 Chocolate Brown with Glam Curls 
Not the most outrageous choice on the spectrum, but certainly one of the best. This warm shade of chocolate brown smoothened over a glam curl hairstyle photographs exceptional well. For sunset wedding where a gold tinge fills the background, this color really stands out. 
Keep you color fresh for the big day with pigmented shampoos to match your hair color. Some brands, like the Davines Alchemic color safe line, can even be mixed together to approximate your color tone. Wear gloves though as these colors may stain fingernails. Find your colored shampoos here. 
 Shadow Roots with Big Hairbands
#4 Shadow Roots with Big Hairbands
With accessories still a big thing in 2020, big bold headbands are the top choice for bridal accessories. These bejeweled bands of pearl or crystal stand out better against dark roots that gradually lighten in color. Add long loose curls and you have an unforgettable look you can enjoy even after the big day. 
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Natural Short Beach Waves
#5 Natural Short Beach Waves
We love how 2020 looks to be embracing a wider color style, but healthy natural hair color is still a top choice for many. Enhancing your natural hair color with youthful bodied waves are matched go well with more modern statuesque gowns.
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Pro Tip: Often the best time to refresh you color is around a week and a half before your wedding to allow the colors to set and to give you some time to tweak any tones you might want to correct. 

That is our list! We hope you find them helpful. May these romantic looks serve you well even long after your wedding day ❤

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