TikTok Hair Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

This lockdown has paved the way for many trends to rise, especially with the viral hacks that gained popularity on TikTok. Don’t know where to start? No stress on those tresses! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite hair hacks on TikTok that you can easily try. They’re easy and perfect for any occasion, whether you’re just staying indoors or you’re going out and about (while following safety protocols, of course).
1) Pull Through Braid 
French braids may seem complicated and time-consuming but this simple pull through braid looks professionally done with a simple clamp and some elastic bands. Channel your inner Katniss Everdeen or Lara Croft with this simple braid. Your hair will thank you for it!
TikTok from @tocestyle
2) Million Dollar Baby Braid
Perhaps one of the biggest hair transformations we are guilty of during this quarantine is chopping our hair to achieve a low-maintenance hairdo. But having short hair doesn’t mean the looks you can serve will be limited. In fact, there are many hairstyles you can try, just like the Million Dollar Baby braid, inspired by Hilary Swank’s iconic hairdo. Be sure to leave some face-framing tendrils to have that dramatic effect!
TikTok from @official.rehab 
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3) Sleek Looks
If you’re having a greasy hair day, you can try these three hairstyles to save your day! From a half-up ponytail, a sleek low ponytail, to a model bun, these sleek hair hacks will give you classic looks that won’t go out of style. 
TikTok from @melisekrem
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4) No Hair Tie Bun Hack
Messy buns can look chic too and it’s possible to achieve this look even without a hair tie! This hair hack is perfect for those with long locks and who want to achieve a casual and effortless updo.
TikTok from @hannahwarling
5) Playful Hairstyles 
We’d say it is the perfect time to have a refreshed look with space buns, tendril braids, high bun, and Pocahontas braids which made a major comeback this 2021. These playful hairstyles will surely give your mane the texture and volume it deserves.
 TikTok from @rachelnoelleclark
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6) Long Locks Styles
If you have outgrown quarantine locks, then these might be your go-to hairstyles! Achieve these looks that entail simple preparations yet serve classic looks.
TikTok from @emilydelvallee
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