Get Your Hair on Fleek As Inspired by These Binge-Worthy Shows

 Netflix and other streaming services aren't just for entertainment, it's also a good place to hunt for style. We're seeing a lot of amazing hair inspirations from your favorite shows. From Emily in Paris to The House Arrest of Us, if you need a change in your everyday hairstyle, these romantic looks from some of the top trending shows today are bound to make you feel that the holidays have come early. 
Kathryn Bernardo in The House Arrest Of Us
We love Kathryn Bernardo's brunette hair color on a long bob hair. Smooth and shiny, it looks healthy and easy to style every day.
Did you know that even brown colored hair needs special care? Make sure you have the right pigmented shampoo. Try Elgon's Anti-Red Shampoo₱955, which neutralizes red tones in your brown hair, helping to make your cosmetic color last longer. 
Bae Suzy in Start-Up
Full bangs can transform any look. We almost didn't recognize Bae Suzy in this new hairstyle for the series. 
Want to set those bangs in place fast? Get a full-bodied fringe with this neat trick. Use a texturizing spray, like Davines This is a Sea Salt Spray: For Full Bodied, Beachy Looks,  Davines This is a Sea Salt Spray: For Full-Bodied, Beachy Looks₱1,350, let it dry, then use a mini-flat iron to smoothen it. The more you move your hands upward while curling inward, the more lift and volume your bangs will get.
Lily Collins in Emily in Paris
If you've seen the series, there is one style that you're sure to remember. A Parisian tousled down is an understated look that adds enough fun to hair without too much work. 
Get those soft waves with a heat protectant spray with pliable memory and hold like L'Oreal Tecni.Art Pli Heat Protecting, ₱930. Not only will it keep your hair from heat styling damage, but it also has a nice lift for wavy or supple blowdries. 
Emma Roberts in Holidate
We're seeing a lot of great hairstyles just in the trailer for Holidate. But what's caught our attention is Emma Robert's full-bodied but smooth healthy hair texture.
Congratulations to Emma Roberts and all the new moms out there. We would be remiss to recommend something that wouldn't take into account your amazing journey ahead. So if you're looking for some extra TLC to get that full-bodied hair texture, try Davines OI Shampoo: Absolute Beautifying Shampoo with Roucou Oil, ₱1,195. It's a hydrating cleanser that offers softness, shine, and body to smoothen hair, but doesn't weigh it down. Check out more "Best for Breastfeeding and Pregnancy" products from our collection.*
We hope you enjoyed this list of hair inspirations. If you're inspired by a style you see, and don't know how to get there, let us help. Chat with us, and let's set a plan to achieve your hair goals.
*All our listed products follow current cosmetic standards. If pregnant or breastfeeding, always seek the medical advice of your gynecologist or family doctor who knows your history best.

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