TYMO Is Here - Unlock Stress-Free Styling for Effortless Elegance

In a world that never slows down, your hair styling game shouldn't hold you back. If you're constantly on the go and struggling to style your hair amidst the daily chaos, you're not alone - but TYMO is here to make a difference. Discover how these convenient and stress-free styling tools can complement your fast-paced lifestyle and simplify your daily routine so you can confidently seize each moment!

TYMO Is Here - Unlock Stress-Free Styling for Effortless Elegance - HairMNL

About TYMO

TYMO specializes in pioneering innovative hair styling tools, including Hair Straighteners, Flat Irons, and Curling Irons. But beyond cutting-edge technology, TYMO is driven by a commitment to design, quality, and the celebration of lived-in beauty that inspires. Shop TYMO on HairMNL.

TYMO Hair Tools

TYMO Porta Portable Hair Straightening Brush HC-120, ₱ 4,000

Level up your style game with TYMO Porta - the pocket-sized hair straightener brush you won't want to leave home without. Cordless and portable, it’s perfect for people who prefer to be on the go. Plus, with its rechargeable battery and international dual voltage of 100V - 240V, it surely is perfect for traveling!

TYMO Porta Pro Portable Hair Straightening Brush Pink HC-122P, ₱ 5,800 

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 Enjoy more flexible styling with the upgraded TYMO Porta Pro Hair Straightening Brush! This pocket-sized brush is still great for travel with an added bonus of switching modes seamlessly. While you can still relish the convenience of cordless styling, you can also use the brush while it's plugged to a power supply source - allowing you to take as much time as you need to create the perfect smooth hairstyle for the day!

TYMO Volumizer Hot Brush HC-300, ₱ 3,000

This multi-functional hot air brush is designed to deliver gorgeous volume and brilliant shine at the same time. The product can be used as a blow dryer, volumizer, straightener, and curler. It's not just a styling tool – it's a lifestyle upgrade for effortlessly fabulous hair every day.

The TYMO Ring Plus Ionic Straightening Comb gets right to the roots, making your morning routine a breeze. It's all about efficiency, giving you smooth, shiny hair in one go while minimizing damage. Equipped with Nano Titanium Coating & 9 Temp Settings, TYMO Ring Plus’ built-in Ionic System delivers smooth, shiny results and less damage in a single pass.

TYMO Cues 3-in-1 Interchangeable Curling Iron Black HC-502, and  TYMO Cues 3-in-1 Interchangeable Curling Iron Pink HC-502 ₱ 4,000

Add different twists to your locks with this versatile curling iron! Whether you want tight or loose curls, TYMO Cues 3-in-1 Interchangeable Curling Iron comes with 3 premium ceramic barrels that allow you to achieve the curls you're in the mood for. The curling iron also comes in black and pink models - which both give your curls that silky and frizz-free touch.

TYMO Airhype Compact High Speed Hair Dryer White HC-603W₱ 5,800

 HairMNL TYMO Airhype Compact High Speed Hair Dryer White HC-603W

This ultra-lightweight yet high speed hair dryer has introduced a more convenient way to blow dry your hair. With powerful airflow and 2 speed settings, you can enjoy efficient hair drying at home. Try it now and experience an easier hair drying routine!

TYMO Rota Ionic Rotating Curling Iron HC-501, ₱ 4,500 
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Effortless curls for everyone, even if you're new to hairstyling! Simply clamp the ends, press the button, and voila – perfect bouncy curls in no time. This unique automatic curler can create stunning inner and outer waves in just 10 minutes.

TYMO Airflow 2-in-1 Hair Curler Straightener Black HC-506, ₱ 4,000  
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This 2-in-1 Hair Curler & Straightener is designed for all hair types and can easily create bouncing curls and straight sleek looks in a matter of minutes. Experience long-lasting hairstyles with its innovative floating V-shaped opening, boasting 88 ionic tiny air vents that provide 360° cool airflow circulation.

TYMO Aqua Hydrating Curling Iron HC-510, ₱ 5,500
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TYMO Aqua absorbs water from the air and releases millions of aqua ions and anions during heating. Its Intelligent thermostat technology ensures a stable temperature to prevent unnecessary heat damage. In short, a Sauna Spa treat towards a glowing finish look!

TYMO Sway Straightening Iron Black HC-201B, ₱ 4,000
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TYMO Sway is a premium flat iron collection - with ceramic plates, MCH technology, and motion control achieving ultra-smooth results with just being ready in 30 seconds!

Now that you've discovered TYMO's commitment to innovation, quality, and effortless beauty, why not embark on your own hair-styling journey with HairMNL? Whether you're aiming for sleek, straight locks or bouncy, voluminous curls, TYMO's products are engineered to help you achieve your desired look effortlessly and with minimal damage to your precious tresses.

Explore our range of TYMO products to start your journey toward hassle-free styling and beautifully maintained hair. And if you're looking to elevate your hair care routine even further, don't forget to check out HairMNL's selection of hair oils and serums. These little wonders can be the perfect addition to your styling regimen, ensuring not just great looks but also hair that's nourished and healthy!

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