8 Salon Tips for Long-Lasting and Frizz-Free Styling

Looking for the easiest way to keep your strands frizz free for hours? If you find yourself spending more time smoothing hair than enjoying it, then you may need some pro tips and tools to make life easier and hair care less stressful. See our top tips below for styling hair to achieve frizz-free goals. 
TIP#1 Dry your hair using the right kind of towel.
The moment you step out of the shower can help you lock in your frizz-free hair! There’s one kind of towel taking over the hair world - the microfiber. The goal of a good hair towel is to absorb excess water without causing too much friction on the stands that leads to tangles and can even be mildly damaging. A great microfiber towel can help you achieve your frizz-free hair goals!
TIP #2 Lock in hydration with a moisturizer
Davines LOVE Hair Smoother: Lovely Taming Smoother for Coarse or Frizzy Hair
Sealing in well hydrated hair with a moisturizer is key to frizz free hair. A leave-on can do wonders for this.
Choose a lightweight one like Davines LOVE Hair Smoother: Lovely Taming Smoother for Coarse or Frizzy Hair, ₱ 1,350, a leave-on cream to smooth frizzy, unruly or wavy hair. The formula moisturizes in an invisible way without weighing hair down. Hair will be soft, easy to comb, and shiny.
TIP #3 Avoid using a brush on wet hair.
Using comb
Have you ever pulled a string until it splits? You’ll notice that the ends fray and curl from the tension. Hair acts in a similar manner and are at their weakest when wet. Brushing pulls at the strands making it prone to breakage and damage, causing more frizz. 
We recommend that you use a wide tooth comb instead. This can help you detangle your strands easily and provides less friction versus using a brush.
TIP #4 Always use a heat protectant.
Kérastase Discipline Keratin Thermique Blow-Dry Primer
If you have frizzy hair, chances are you frequently blow dry or use a hair iron to smoothen strands. When you do, make sure to always use a heat protectant, which can ensure your hair stays smoother for longer and is protected from damage.
Heat in general can damage hair, so best to reinforce your strands with a good hair primer that defends against frizz and protects from breakage like Kérastase Discipline Keratin Thermique Blow-Dry Primer, ₱ 1,900. It goes deep into the hair, taming it for better blow-dries and reducing time spent on styling hair.
TIP #5 Add keratin to your pre styling routine
Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Keratin Smooth Perfect Treatment
Half the battle of styling for smoothness is prepping your hair. Add a keratin infused hair mask to your regular hair care routine to help smooth down the outer layer of your hair strand. 
We recommend Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Keratin Smooth Perfect Treatment, ₱ 1,620, which offers an intensive taming and nourishing treatment for unruly & coarse hair. Its highly concentrated cationic polymers and Silicone oils effectively smoothes the surface of the hair.
TIP #6 Invest in a high-quality steam iron 
A great steam iron can give you straight and silky hair. For smooth styling with a steam iron, try the Le Couleur Hair Steam Iron, ₱ 8,800, a high performance pro heat styler with fine mist vapor infusion that allows water ions to penetrate into the hair, locking 90% of the moisture and adding 50% more moisture to the hair. Best of all, you can toggle the right temperature control for the best heat setting for your needs.
*Special Offer: FREE Mini Hair Dryer worth P750 with your Le Couleur Hair Steam Iron,
Le Couleur Hair Steam Iron
TIP #7 Add shine to your hair with a nourishing oil
Do your stands lack luster? Add luscious hair oil to your damp hair or dry hair and to help smoothen your hair. 
Try L'Oréal Huile Original Mythic Oil, ₱ 1,099! Its formula is highly concentrated with natural Argan oil that softens and protects hair for silky magnificent hair from root to tips, while offering up to 48h of anti-humidity and anti-frizz protection. 
TIP #8 Double the frizz-free protection with a bond-building duo
Olaplex Iconic Styling Duo
If you’re faced with extra frizz from damaged locks you’ll need more than just leave-on or hair oil. Try the  Olaplex Iconic Styling Duo, ₱ 4,370, that has both the Olaplex No. 6: Bond Smoother and Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil. These two work together to balance moisture, speed up blow drying times and to keep frizz and flyaways at bay. Plus it offers weightless restorative styling protection so damaged locks are protected from further damage. 
Armed with some frizz free fighters, enjoy great hair that is smooth and full of shine. Get more pro hair care frizz control products here, and explore the one that works best for you. Shop more at HairMNL. 

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