Best Remedies That Really Get Rid of Your Dandruff For Good

3 out of 5 Filipinos have dandruff – and it becomes even more frequent during the rainy season because the increase in humidity makes your scalp wet and a breeding ground for trouble. Fortunately, understanding the causes of dandruff and adopting these expert remedies will help you fight this pesky hair problem for good!

A healthy, dandruff-free scalp
Dandruff – it’s that all-too-common problem of dry, white flakes of skin that almost all of us will experience, but no one really wants to talk about. Aside from the need to hide the embarrassing flakes and itchy feeling, we often resort to hair solutions from the supermarket to get rid of the problem. The truth is, dandruff really isn’t about your hair, or how often you wash it. Instead, it’s about the skin cells on your scalp and the environment it grows in. If sebum, a natural oil produced by the body, is overproduced, a fungus called Malassezia globosa starts to live on your scalp and thrive on skin oil. That’s when problems start arising like redness, irritation, greasiness, and yes, ultimately the unsightly presence of dandruff.

While most of us have likely tried using an anti-dandruff shampoo, it oftentimes doesn’t fully address all our hair needs. Most especially if you have undergone color or other salon services, hairdressers recommend using professional hair care products that can better maintain your investment in chemical treatments. If you want to make your color last longer or keep your hair from drying but also get rid of dandruff, there are professional hair care solutions that you can conveniently do at home to keep your hair and scalp healthy and beautiful – just the way you want it to be. 
Start with the fundamentals

Before following an intensive anti-dandruff routine, you have to start with the basics of combating dandruff – and that is to avoid too-hot water, too-often use of heat styling tools, and putting too much product on your hair. Remember, you want to keep a healthy and clean scalp environment and too much of anything will keep you from maximizing the benefits of your anti-dandruff remedies.

Switch to these professional haircare solutions

Backed up by the most advanced technologies and expert recommendations, these are the best remedies you should try to get rid of your problem with dandruff once and for all.
Davines Purifying Shampoo
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The widely popular Davines Purifying Shampoo comes from the Naturaltech line designed to treat dandruff down to the root of the problem. This product can not only cleanse and purify the scalp, but also treat seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, or practically any conditions where flakes are coming off your head. It contains selenium disulfide, an active pharmaceutical-grade substance used to fight against microbial attacks. It also contains dandelion phytoceuticals that have an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory action plus essential oils like lavender, myrrh, and sage oils that also have a calming action.

As one customer shared: “It might be an exaggeration to say that this is a miracle worker, but for me it really is! I’ve had dandruff for more than 15 years and needless to say I’ve tried all kind of treatments - from the basic home ingredients to expensive medical treatment. They would only be effective for a short time. But this one really works! I’ve been using it for almost 1 year and as long as I use it 2-3 times a week, no problem of "white dust" on my shoulder,” says Maricel.

HairMNL Recommendation:
Best used as a range, use the Davines Naturaltech Purifying Shampoo (P1,085) and a leave-on Gel treatment (P1700) over 3 to 6 weeks to treat dandruff or scalp flaking caused by Malassezia globosa, a fungus that lives on human scalps and thrives on skin oil. By using this professional haircare range, you can avoid worsening the effects of your unhealthy scalp including inflammation, acne, and eventual hair loss.

Kerastese specifique
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The Bain Anti-Pelliculaire by Kérastase is an anti-dandruff shampoo that acts on two types of dandruffs, dry and oily flakes. A cleansing action eliminates impurities from scalp as it also treats scalp irritation. 
Suitable for oily or dry hair types, the gentle shampoo can by used daily to leave you flake-free and feeling more confident. Expect shiny, soft and revitalised tresses with the use of this powerful anti-dandruff solution that also provides a luxurious ritual for your daily routine.
One happy client shared: This shampoo is the best I have ever used. You barely need any and it lathers so well. My dandruff has subsided dramatically, previously I had a very itchy scalp with thick areas of red flaking skin. This has all disappeared and now you wouldn't even know I used to have dandruff. I highly recommend this product, even though it is more expensive than others it will last! said Caitlin.

HairMNL Recommendation:
Take advantage of Kérastase's advanced scalp knowledge which they've turned into caring rituals to target major scalp concerns. Create a longer-lasting effect by using Kérastase Bain Anti-Dandruff Shampoo (P1,750) with the Kérastase Cure Pelliculaire Treatment that come in packs of 12, 6ml vials. (P4,450). This intensive anti-dandruff care will decrease the appearance of flaking from the 2nd application, removing 2 types of dandruff: both dry and oily flakes. A treatment that's well worth the investment, it restores the visible quality and suppleness of the scalp, while protecting against oxidative stress.


Serie Expert Instant Clear Nutritive Shampoo

For sensitized scalp due to dryness or coloring, Serie Expert Instant Clear Nutritive Shampoo is a good, long-lasting solution for you. Using state of the art purifying formula from leading salon brand L’Oreal Professionnel, it helps eliminate visible flakes of dandruff from the very first application. Enhanced with a-piritone, a combination of zinc pyrithione and a-bisabolol, this shampoo is suited to all hair and scalp types and can be used by both men and women

As advised by an expert hairstylist, “If you only have occasional dandruff, the Zinc Pyrithione in Instant Clear will help combat flakiness and ease the sense of discomfort and itching. My clients like it because it leaves their scalp feeling purified, moisturized, plus gives a light and fresh feeling to their hair when they run their fingers through it.”

HairMNL Recommendation:
You can get an Instant Clear 300ml bottle for only P750 SRP and use it occasionally or as needed. For your scalp, the best approach is to create a sense of balance and harmony. This way, you let the optimal benefits of this specialist scalp care’s active ingredients take effect while letting your scalp build an effective barrier. This is good for sensitized hair because it is hard against dandruff, but mild to the scalp.
Davines’ Award-Winning Well-Being Conditioner
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Davines’ Award-Winning Well-Being Conditioner was recognized as one of InStyle’s Best Beauty Buys for its hydrating and detangling power. Aside from leaving hair well-nourished and easy to style, it harnesses the Echinacea plant’s antimicrobial properties for gentle cleansing and antioxidants for keeping hair strong and healthy.

As one satisfied Davines user testifies, “This is one of the best conditioners I've found for moisture and rinse ability. My hair is on the fine side and it doesn't get weighed down and there is no product residue. It locks in moisture and rinses clean – recommend it!”

HairMNL Recommendation:
After shampooing the hair with Well-Being Shampoo (SRP 1,085) or another problem-specific shampoo, just apply the Well-Being conditioner (SRP P1,310) from lengths to ends and leave on for 2-3 minutes. 
Consult the experts
While stress and cold weather can make dandruff worse, using the professional solution suitable for your hair condition should do the trick. Make sure you follow the instructions to apply the products correctly and in the right frequency. While you don’t usually need to see a dermatologist if you have dandruff, it would also be a good idea to visit one if your symptoms still persist even after 4-6 weeks of use or you have a weakened immune system. If other skin conditions have been ruled out, don’t hesitate to consult your favorite hairdresser or send HairMNL a message via email or Facebook messenger.

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