This Keratin Treatment Will Give You Smooth Strands Without Harmful Chemicals

If you’ve been wanting to try a keratin treatment but you’re concerned about exposing your strands to harsh chemicals, we’ve got a solution for you - the Argila Amazonia Smoothing Keratin Treatment!


HairMNL Studio Argila Amazonia Smoothing Keratin Treatment - Before & After
HairMNL Studio Argila Amazonia Smoothing Keratin Treatment - Before & After

Available in HairMNL Studio Serendra and HairMNL Studio Kapitolyo, this in-salon service will smoothen your strands, without using harmful chemicals.

Keratin Treatment Using Naturally Sourced Ingredients

What makes the Argila Amazonia Smoothing Keratin Treatment stand out is that it uses a variety of all-natural ingredients from the Amazon, such as white clay and murumuru oil. These work together to help your hair achieve that gorgeous shine and silky smooth texture.

HairMNL Studio: Argila Amazonia Smoothing Keratin Treatment Shampoo

No harsh chemicals are involved in this keratin treatment! This salon service is free of formaldehyde, parabens, ammonia, or any other chemical that could be considered harmful.

HairMNL Studio: Argila Amazonia Smoothing Keratin Treatment Activator

Powerful & Delicate Hair Care With Argilatherapy

Another unique feat of Argila Amazonia is that it integrates skin treatment principles into the world of professional hair care through Argilatherapy. The luxury of this treatment provides long-term hydration and protection to your strands - leaving a bright and soft finish to your hair. 

HairMNL Studio: Argila Amazonia Smoothing Keratin Treatment Smooth-Prolonging Mask

This treatment transforms your hair by replenishing and strengthening your strands without compromising its natural properties. It lasts up to three months and it provides substantial care to your locks through its quick and easy application process.

HairMNL Studio: Argila Amazonia Smoothing Keratin Treatment Murumuru Sealer Protecting Spray

Maximize Your Salon Experience

Keep your strands smooth without sacrificing volume! Request for a root volume service with your stylist when receiving your Argila Amazonia Smoothing Keratin Treatment at HairMNL Studio. Make sure to have a full consultation with your stylist so they can assess what's best for your hair.

Bring Argilatherapy Home With Aftercare

Elevate the power of Argila Amazonia Smoothing Keratin Treatment by using these specially formulated aftercare products to keep your strands smoother for longer! 

Discover our full range of aftercare for keratin-treated hair here.

HairMNL Argila Amazonia Smooth-Prolonging Shampoo 300ml

Argila Amazonia Smooth-Prolonging Shampoo 300ml₱ 2,000

This shampoo gently cleanses your hair and extends the life of your treatment. It’s specially formulated to help control your locks’ structure by keeping them untangled and enhancing their soft texture.

HairMNL Argila Amazonia Smooth-Prolonging Mask

Argila Amazonia Smooth-Prolonging Mask, ₱ 2,500

Working hand-in-hand with the shampoo, the Argila Smooth-Prolonging Mask reconstructs hair from the inside out to improve hair vitality, intensify softness, and reduce frizz.

HairMNL Argila Amazonia Murumuru Sealer Protecting Spray 300ml

Image Source: Retro Hair D-Zine

Argila Amazonia Murumuru Sealer Protecting Spray 300ml, ₱ 3,000

Use this leave-in product before using any heat styling tools. It amplifies the power of murumuru oil to keep your hair hydrated and well-protected from environmental hazards while keeping your strands smooth and supple.

 Experience Organic Keratin Treatment With HairMNL

Ready to transform your hair with Argila Amazonia’s in-salon treatment? By booking an appointment at HairMNL Studio Serendra or HairMNL Studio Kapitolyo, you can experience this one-of-a-kind treatment. Schedule your slot and get ready for smooth and silky strands, the natural way!

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