A Keratin Treatment Review You Need To Read

If you’ve been thinking of finally getting that keratin treatment you’ve been vying for a while now, here’s a review of the popular Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment to find out if its right for your hair!

It’s a story we’ve heard from women all over – they go through hair transformations and enjoy their newly refreshed looks, only to end up feeling in despair after months pass when their hair starts too look fried and their hair color tarnished. And while that’s definitely avoidable (with the right professional hair care routine, remember!), it’s a frustration that comes with some chemical services, and when desperation hits you to fix your frizz and forme woes, most women often turn to straightening or keratin treatment services.

Desperation need not be the only reason – sometimes, women just want to change up their hair routine to make it much easier to manage. For ladies like Rocky and Diane, one of the reasons they were excited to try a keratin treatment is the incredible reduction in hair maintenance that can help them gain precious minutes everyday especially for busy, hardworking women like them.

So we went on to try the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment from the recently-opened HairMNL Studio in Kapitolyo, Pasig. As they say, not all treatments are created equal, and keratin treatments have definitely been a buzz creating a loud buzz in the hair industry for years now. If you are going to try this revolutionary hair care service, its recommended that you go for a trusted brand that has proven to be the top choice for salons worldwide – that’s where Keratin Complex comes in. After having celebrated over a decade from its time of innovation, Keratin Complex has become the #1 name in Keratin Smoothing Treatments  - evening claiming to be an 8-time behindthechair.com Stylist Choice Award winner.

Now we just couldn’t let those accolades keep us from putting it to the test, and so that’s exactly what we did with Rocky and Diane who shared their experience below in photos!


Whether you want to eliminate frizz, reverse damage, straighten your strands, achieve quicker styling, or all of the above, a Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment is a good solution.

Before and after using Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment

"The 'bagsak' (way the hair falls) is better and its not frizzy anymore! Actually, natural bagsak straight hair sya! It's not like when you rebond your hair when it becomes totally flat," shared Diane who had evidently wavy hair before but had clearly smoother hair to enhance her color and style after.


Designer and businesswoman, Rocky, also tried out the service for herself and here's what share shared, "I highly recommend Keratin Complex products and service. I enjoyed my 'me time' session!"

Designer and businesswoman, Rocky

Now while many reviews may have talked about the actual treatment itself, the results from the before-and-after pics usually speak for themselves. What you need to know, more importantly, though is actually what it takes to keep your hair looking great everyday - almost as if you came straight from the salon everyday!

After all, your hair treatment is not an expense, it's an investment. Revitalizing your hair entails extra care, so here are some easy tips to help keep your smoothing treatment alive longer!

1) Take it easy on the fear of the "permanent crease"

While most stylists advise to avoid putting your hair behind your ears for several days, it's not necessarily a hard and fast rule. As long as you don't aggressively 'deform' your hair like tie it in a high ponytail or consistently tuck it behind your ears for days on end, you'll be fine! That fear for the 'permanent dent' shouldn't keep you from staying comfortable with your style.

2) Try to keep it from getting wet for as long as possible

We've heard of stories from clients who have gone swimming in a chlorine-filled pool a few days after their keratin treatment - remember, that's a big NO NO! While hairstylists would advise not to get your hair wet or shampoo right away after 2 days or more, the longer you keep on the treatment - the better, as this gives more time to strengthen the effect on your hair. So plan ahead and schedule your treatment on a week you can avoid shampooing for a little while longer than usual.

3) A good treatment can last as long as 5 months!

With good care, the effects of your Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment can definitely last longer. Some would even avoid using heat-styling tools, but the best way to boost it to last longer are with customized, aftercare products that have been specially formulated to do just that!

Warning: Don't use just any regular shampoo that has sodium chloride (salt) and sulfates that effectively counteract the effects of keratin treatments: salt dissolves keratin, while sulfates are harsh latherers that can prematurely strip the treatment from your hair.

Good thing you can get Sodium Chloride and Sulfate-Free shampoos, hydrating conditioner, and dry shampoo from Keratin Complex from HairMNL.com for proven, salon-recommended aftercare. Shop now by clicking this link!

Keratin complex

We cannot emphasize this enough - not all keratin treatments are the same! So don't get caught up on cost as a consideration and jump on promo deals that claim to be authentic treatments! Read reviews (good thing you're on this one!) to get recommendations from hair experts and real customers alike. Better yet, look for a trusted brand name that salons like HairMNL Studio carries - and for this one, our hair experts recommend Keratin Complex!

Want to get the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment for yourself?

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