Brazilian Blowout


Why Stylists Choose Brazilian Blowout

Through the use of breakthrough bonding technologies, these customizable smoothing treatments actually improve the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle.

Browse your favorite Brazilian Blowout Professional Hair Smoothing Treatment aftercare products below!

Brazilian Blowout Anti-Frizz

Revitalize your hair with the exclusive Brazilian Super-Nutrient Complex. Fortify, repair, and lock in moisture while keeping frizz at bay. Experience soft, radiant hair and enhanced Brazilian Blowout treatment and color service retention

Heat-Activated Treatment

Brazilian Blowout Protective Thermal Straightening Balm

The Brazilian Blowout Protective Thermal Straightening Balm is a powerful, heat activated, humidity resistant formulation that straightens waves/curls and tames frizz while protecting hair from heat styling and environmental stresses.

Brazilian Blowout Anti-Aging

Experience the sulfate-free purifying system with clinically proven actives and plant proteins. Renew and revitalize your hair, improve color retention, and ensure lasting results with Brazilian Blowout Rewind Anti-Aging Reparative Service.

Brazilian Blowout Volume

Elevate thin hair wit the Volume Boost Complex. Infused with amino acids and proteins, it adds long-lasting volume, strength, and shine. Enhance your Brazilian Blowout treatment and color service retention for fuller, healthier hair.

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