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What Does Damaged Hair Look Like? 5 Signs To Watch Out For

What does damaged hair look like? There are a multitude of signs that hair strands are stressed out, from excess shedding due to breakage, to dullness and brassiness. Let's...

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Dry Vs Damaged: Understanding Your Hair Type

Is your hair dry, damaged or both? It's often easy to mistake one for the other as both are similar in many ways.

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Protein Treatments Are A Must for Damaged Hair. Discover Its Benefits Here!

We support all kinds of hair goals - especially if you want to bleach your hair to get your desired hair color! But without the...

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Bond Builders are Hair Saviors - Why You Should Be Using it On Your Damaged Hair

When you've got damaged hair that’s already prone to breakage due to bleaching and other chemical treatments, hair pros are most likely to recommend you...

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Dry, Brittle, and Damaged Blonde Locks? Let Powerful Active Ingredients Come to the Rescue

Kérastase is a heritage professional haircare brand dating back to 1964. It equips its customers with the ultimate passion for discovering the best practices and...

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