Protein Treatments Are A Must for Damaged Hair. Discover Its Benefits Here!

We’re always told that a healthy and balanced diet includes protein to help fuel our energy and build muscle growth. But did you know that protein is also great at repairing damaged hair? 
Let’s take a closer look at our strands. Our hair is mostly made up of a protein called keratin. When we undergo chemical treatments such as bleaching, this protein is stripped away and can possibly lead to hair damage. But this is where a protein treatment comes in handy! Read more to find out why adding a protein treatment to your hair routine can benefit your damaged strands.
Protein Hair Treatments
What is a protein treatment?
As its name suggests, this treatment is packed full of protein. These hair treatments contain potent ingredients that can help fortify your strands and strengthen your hair to prevent further damage.  
Why do I need a protein treatment?
If you went through several rounds of bleaching, you might notice your strands feeling rubbery, looking frizzy, and that they’ve lost their elasticity. This is because the process of bleaching strips the natural pigments and keratin in your strands to achieve your desired hair lightness. But don’t fret - you can still enjoy your hair goals while having healthy hair!
Since protein is the building block of your hair, a protein treatment will help replenish what was lost during the bleaching process. It can restore your hair’s elasticity which can help eliminate breakage and split ends, leading to healthier-looking hair.
Is a protein treatment different from a bond builder?
protein treatment vs bond builder
Protein treatments and bond builders work hand-in-hand to repair severely damaged hair that’s prone to breakage. While a protein treatment replenishes the lost protein by filling any gaps in the hair’s cuticle, a bond builder helps bridge broken bonds and rebuilds the hair fiber from inside out. Both are a must in your hair routine, especially if your hair has been bleached multiple times! 
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How often should I use a protein treatment?
protein treatments
By now, you might be feeling excited to constantly use a protein treatment. But too much of a good always leads to undesired results! You should only do this treatment weekly or as needed to get the best results. Protein treatments contain a high concentration of ingredients and overloading your hair with protein might lead to your hair feeling stiff. 
Ready to add a protein treatment to your hair routine? Check out these top recommendations!
 Davines MELU Conditioner
Try the Davines MELU Conditioner, P1,295, if you’ve got long and damaged hair. Its natural active ingredients can moisturize and nourish your strands to prevent breakage. 
Davines Nourishing Hair Building Pak
Another plant-based option is the Davines Nourishing Hair Building Pak, P1,800. Both a protein treatment and a bond builder, this mask contains a restructuring and nourishing formula that can leave your hair feeling soft and shiny. 
Kérastase Resistance Thérapiste Mask
You can also try the Kérastase Resistance Thérapiste Mask, P3,200 to revitalize your strands. This masque penetrates your hair fibers to help regain its strength and elasticity. 
Helping you find the right hair products for your crowning glory is our goal, so make sure to check our product collection for protein treatments. If you want to know which products are right for your damaged hair, you can avail of a personalized consultation with us.

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