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Hair under the sun

We all look forward to summer for our much-needed beach and travel days, but let’s admit it - we also end up dreading the scorching high temperatures and the discomfort the season brings.

Your hair most especially suffers the first signs of summer’s beating, but don’t let this ruin your style! We’re here to help make sure you’re equipped with easy fixes that pros recommend to keep your hair on point throughout summer time. From ensuring you keep frizz at bay, maintain glossy highlights, and even revive your hair from damage, here are the top 5 hair hacks we’ve rounded up to keep your hair healthy and pretty all summer long!


Problem: Overexposure to the sun and water

While covering up with a wide-brimmed hat helps limit your sun exposure, the moment you jump in the pool requires another level of protection from something just as harsh to your hair and scalp– its chlorine-filled water! To prevent dried out strands, a quick hairstylist hack is to rinse your hair with non-chlorine water first before taking a dip in the pool. This way, your hair follicle opens and soaks up this water first instead of the chlorine-filled water. Extended exposure to the sun, sea or pool water can deplete your hair’s health too – make sure you’re ready with these easy-to-apply products recommended by professionals protect your hair’s integrity:

Pro tip when by the beach/pool:

Choose hair care with UV Complex to protect from sun damage like Bed Head’s Totally Beachin’ Jelly Shampoo & Mellow After-Sun Conditioner. Not only can it prevent hair breakage, it also helps detox your hair by washing away sweat, seawater, and chlorine!

Bed Head by TIGI Totally Beachin' Jelly Shampoo & Mellow After Sun Conditioner

Php 2,000 (from Php 2,800)

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Pro tip while in the city:

Outdoor sun exposure can still cause damage to your hair even when you’re not in the beach! Just as you would protect your skin regularly, your hair needs extra protection from the sun too. Try using Revlon’s Equave Sun Protector Detangling Conditioner with UVA/UVB filters. Just spray it on and make sure to use a wide-tooth combo to keep your hair tangle-free and less prone to breakage!

Revlon Professional Equave Sun Protection Detangling Conditioner

Revlon Professional Equave Sun Protection Detangling Conditioner, Php 810


Problem: Dried out and dull tresses from lack of moisture

Our hair gets extra dry during summer as it loses moisture from the heat. Ideally, hair shouldn’t be washed every day with these conditions, but since it really can’t be helped given our weather, you can just wash your scalp and let the suds run down the length of your hair without drying it out.

Pro tip for daily replenishing:

Just as your body needs water to stay healthy, conditioner for the hair acts just like that to replenish its moisture. Professionals recommend intense moisturizing care like Davines’ Momo (for colored/rebonded hair) or Nounou (for heavily bleached/chemically treated hair). Known for their award-winning sustainable line, these bestsellers from Davines are free from sulfates and parabens, and uses active ingredients from rare fruit and vegetable strains to keep your hair well-nourished.

Davines Momo Conditioner

Davines Momo ConditionerPhp 1175

Davines Nounou Hair Mask

Davines Nounou Hair MaskPhp 1710 

Pro tip for weekly deep conditioning at home:

For more severe cases of damage from repeated chemical treatments, you would need a bond-building treatment like Olaplex to deeper repair. Hairstylists recommend to do this weekly to intensely repair broken bonds from within the hair’s structure to make it healthy again!



Problem: Frizzy and untamed hair that can spoil your style

Try giving your hair a break from blowdrying and wear your hair naturally. It’s the best time to play with braids, ponytails, or buns, and accessories! Summertime’s ideal for air-drying hair to bring out its natural texture because even an undone style can look chic if your hair is kept shiny and healthy. But if you must blowdry, make sure you’re using a nozzle to lessen the damaging effect. If you blowdry the hair on your arm and it feels like it’s burning your skin, then it’ll burn your hair.

Pro tip to smoothen hair until the ends:

Hairstylists recommend substituting your regular styling cream with hair care that can protect and rehydrate at the same time. Try a serum that gives you smoother, silkier hair while providing heat protection. Give L'Oreal’s Absolute Lipidium Serum a try to feel its light, repairing effect leaving your hair with lasting smoothness by sealing the hair cuticles. It’s convenient for long flights too to prevent dehydration of your hair during your summer trips.


L'Oreal Serie Expert Lipidium Absolut Repair MasquePhp 1110


Pro tip to stay in style while nixing frizz:

No other summer style is more popular than laidback and loose beachy waves. It can easily go from frizzy to fabulous if you use the right product to achieve the perfect  tousled volume and texture. Davines aptly has its own Sea Salt Spray that can give you that summer look whether or not you’re going to the beach. Just spray on wet hair before styling to give body, or to dry hair to increase volume without leaving any sticky residue. Need to tame fly-aways along hairline? Spritz some onto an eyebrow brush and smooth over the target strands for a sleek look.

Davines This is a Sea Salt Spray: For Full-Bodied Beachy LooksPhp 1350



Problem: Color fading and brassiness causing unsightly lightening

The sun can take a toll on your hair color causing overlightening or oxidation after a trip to the beach. One trick is to have your stylist weave in strategically placed low lights to create a soft contrast and tone down brassiness. But before it even gets to that, there are other ways to better seal in your color.

Pro tip to strengthen color retention:

As hair is made of a type of protein called keratin, adding protein-rich foods like fish and nuts to your diet can actually help strengthen your hair. But during summer time, professionals recommend keratin treatments that help build a protein shield to make hair less vulnerable to heat and oxidation. Bed Head by TIGI Colour Goddess contains Keratin and conditioning treatments perfect for enhancing hair color vibrancy.


Pro tip to revive color and health:

With the trendy colors that come every summer, the sun shouldn’t scare you from trading off healthy locks with sporting a gorgeous highligh. Make sure you invest in hair care designed to improve your color’s lastingness like the Davines MINU Hair Mask. It gives color-treated hair a silky texture while keeping the color stay true for longer, thanks to an infusion of caper blossom extract. Not only does it smell of summer with its fresh, citrus, orange-blossom scent, but you can bring your hair back to life with its weightless, nourishing, formula.



Problem: Excessive sweating that causes oil and grease buildup on the hair

As much as we worry about frizz, summer also brings the uncomfortable greasy strands caused by excessive sweating from high temperatures. Be warned though - this can also be caused by using too many drying products on your hair because if it gets too dry, then your scalp will start responding by producing more oils. Find the right balance by using the perfect cocktail of products to achieve the right texture.

Pro tip to instantly refresh without water

Without needed to keep jumping into the shower, stay fresh throughout the day with pro hair care. Target your roots with a cool shot from your hair dryer and then sprinkle on dry shampoo to restore volume and absorb the grease build-up. Keep your hair fresh while on road trips or long flights by bringing along the portable and easy-to-apply Keratin Complex Dry Shampoo Lift Powder. Use it to absorb excess oil and instantly refresh hair without water.

Keratin Complex Volumizing Dry Shampoo


Pro tip to remain feeling clean and ready for styling

While summer parties and travels abound, you have to make sure you keep excess oils at bay that may dampen your hairstyle. Get a clean and refreshed feeling from a quick spritz of Bed Head by TIGI Oh Bee Hive! Matte Dry Shampoo that contains modified corn-starch that easily absorbs grease and oil and holds onto it for longer. Get a massive root lift while also prepping your hair back to a stylish up-do, to keep the summer party going!


Summertime’s the season to enjoy and let loose without compromising your hair’s health. Share these essential hair hacks to your friends too to keep that no-sweat, frizz-free, and on-point style this summer!

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