Some Love For the Scalp

Admittedly when browsing through the hair care section, we generally base our product choices on a simple, even basic standard, the desired look. More volume, get a volumizing shampoo, more texture, get a micro root texture powder, all this without giving a second thought to the very foundation of hair care, your scalp.

With countless products directed at the locks themselves, our scalp is often relegated to a brisk rub down in the shower, when it should in fact deserve a lot more love than that. Simply put healthy scalp means more styling flexibility and more color possibilities. So how do you give your scalp better love, let us count the ways. 

Know your Scalp Type

Know your Scalp Type

Not all scalps are made the same. In fact, it can change based on weather and activities, but generally they fall within four main categories:

  1. Dry - Itchy and flaky
  2. Oily - Flat due to over active glands
  3. Normal - Neutral hair
  4. Combination - A combination among the previous three

Knowing your scalp type will help you determine how to best proceed with your scalp care regimen. 

The Salon Wash Method

Ever wonder why your hair feels lighter and fuller after a trip your stylist? It all starts with the right method. Next time you are at the salon getting a relaxing shampoo, take the time to observe how your hair is being doubled washed, conditioned and massaged. These aren’t just methods in the hopes of higher tips, it’s also creating the groundwork for styling. You’ll also notice that they really get the product into your hair making the most of every application. Sing a whole song from start to finish if that helps.  Friction techniques with rubbing motions can better clean hair while a massaging encourages hair growth.




Hair is skin, so, as much as  you want it to be clean, you also want it to be well moisturized. Whether you choose masks, treatments, or serums, it is essential to make sure your scalp is getting the right amount of  moisture. But take into account that scalp is an adaptive creature and can differ based on weather and activity.


Forget the hundred strokes, you only need a fair amount of brushing to clean, distribute product, and encourage healthier hair growth. Consider using a wide tooth comb or a detangling brush on wet hair to avoid breakage, a paddle brush for unruly hair and be gentle when using styling brush that can fray your tips in the long run.

Protect Against Sun Damage

With the heat blaring over your head, make sure you are using some form of sun protection for on your scalp, these lightweight products also doubles as moisturizers. 

Protect Against Sun Damage

Water and Vitamins

Eating healthy is a must for your scalp as it is for the rest of your body. Boosting your immune system and making sure you are properly hydrated can work wonders for your hair. Plus dehydration has been linked to brittle hair and even hair loss.

So before planning your next style or scouting for your newest hair color, consider checking in on your scalp and with the list we’ve provided give it some love.

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