Flattering Haircuts To Try For Every Face Shape

So many hairstyles, so little time. Good thing we’ve got a sure fire way to help you narrow down those choices with the top trends in style based on what flatters your face shape.

Admittedly, there are no hard and fast rules on how you should style your hair. With the exception of “Hairfidence”, the measure of confidence you have based on hair, we believe your style is ultimately up to your better judgement. Still, knowing what compliments your face shape could save you the trouble of comb through the mountain of hairstyles cropping up this season. Here’s our quick list of flattering haircuts to try for every face shape.

Unsure about what your face shape is? Check our quick guide here. 

Half bun

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Oval shaped faces enjoy a wide spectrum of flattering hairstyles, defined by the symmetry between the temple line and the jawline. Oval shaped faces are touted as the shape that can wear any length and against all other types. You join the ranks of Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence, Oprah, and Bella Hadid who’s oval shaped faces collectively, have launched a thousand brands. As lucky as you are, each face is unique, so taking a few notes from other face shapes can help trick the eye to improve your look even further.

For those with loads of length try this sultry textured cut with soft beach waves. It’s our favorite for this shape as it is easy to create and is simple to maintain. Add a top knot and you can get away with that every day chic. The key to this look is creating volume with soft curls. Curl outward the few locks along your midline (where your contouring starts) to better frame your face. 

OVAL face shape
SQUARE face shape


Sulking over your square face? Be proud of your defined jawline and cheekbones. Done right, a square face is a strong look that can get away with a lot of daring styles. Gather some inspiration from the likes of Keira Nightly, Margot Robbie, Kendal Jenner and the queen of square shaped faces, Olivia Wilde. 

A sleek shoulder length cut with layers swinging outward creates a look that flatters the jawline. It draws the eye creating a bit more length. Plus the longer front locks can also frame the face should you wish to soften up those razor cheekbones.

ROUND face shape


Similar to square shaped faces but with a softer, almost perfect half circle along the jawline, the round shape is not as common as you’d like to think. These perpetual baby faces look great in short bobs but bangs are generally the most flattering look for the shape.

We love this vintage look by Selena Gomez. Admittedly this was taken fresh by the sea side a few months ago, but it’s the perfect summer look for a round face shape. Those split in the middle bangs really create an illusion of lengthen on her face too. 

HEART face shape


Heart shaped faces are the darling of the face shapes. They have a wider forehead line that meets and tapers towards the more pronounced chin. Style wise go as short as you like, but taking a page from celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, who’s signature hairstyle is layered inwards with sweeping bangs that balance the face.

DIAMOND face shape


Similar to heart shaped faces, Diamonds have a wider forehead line and a narrow jaw line, but with the corners cut. Often, stylists balance the face to create more symmetry by adding inward curls or bangs. We love this layered cut by Zenadaya. Full of body it narrows the widest parts of the shape to create more symmetry.

LONG face shape


Curls and textures are always a go to style for long face shapes, and avoid straight flat hair like the plague. That’s because volume balances out the midline of your face. But if straight is your preference, consider bangs and try side sweeping ones to create a shorter line from your chin to the top of your face. Need inspiration, soon to be royal mommy, Megan Markle, has perfected her look for this face shape. Layered cut with loads of body and whips of locks curled outward showing more of the face. 

There’s our list. Certainly there are no hard and fast rules on how you’re supposed to wear your style, so you do you. For more on your face shape read our quick guide below.

Face Shape Basics

Don’t know your face shape? Here’s a quick guide to help you determine yours. Draw your hair back and take a front facing selfie. Now using your trusty stylus let’s start drawing the 8 points to determine your face shape. Draw a vertical line right down the middle of your face. Now draw a horizontal line from temple to temple, followed by cheekbone to cheekbone and finally jaw bone to jaw bone. All in all 4 lines and 8 points. Erase the lines and leave those 8 points as your guide. 

Face shapes

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