HairMNL Rewards

HairMNL Rewards FAQs

1. How can I create a HairMNL Rewards account?

Creating a HairMNL Rewards account is quick and simple! Just visit the HairMNL Rewards page and click the Join Now button. Fill in your email address or use your Facebook or Gmail account details to create your account.

Once you successfully create your account, you will automatically receive 10,000 HairMNL Rewards points.

2. How can I earn points for HairMNL Rewards?

There are multiple ways you can earn points for HairMNL Rewards.

  • Just by signing up for a HairMNL Rewards account, you instantly earn 10,000 points.
  • When you make a purchase, you get 1 point for every Php 1 spent.
  • If you refer your friends to purchase products, you earn 1,000 points if they spend at least Php 1,500. To find your referral link, visit the HairMNL Rewards page and go to the How to Earn Points section. Under Refer Friends, click the Complete Activity button to get your link.
  • Get at least 10,000 points on your birthday. The higher your tier is, the more points you can earn - Ash Tier gets 15,000 points, Silver Tier gets 20,000 points, and Platinum Tier gets 25,000 points.
  • Leave a review on and earn 1,000 points. Review must be verified by HairMNL first. You may leave a maximum of 10 reviews a month.
  • Like HairMNL on Facebook and earn 50 points.
  • Follow HairMNL on Instagram and earn 50 points.
3. How can I redeem my rewards?

Visit the HairMNL Rewards page and go to the Rewards section. You will be able to view which Rewards are redeemable based on your current number of points. If you are eligible to claim a reward, simply click the Get Reward button to redeem your chosen gift.

4. Can I redeem more than one gift at a time?

Yes, you may choose more than 1 free gift at a time, provided that you have enough valid points and purchase requirement is met.

5. Will my points expire?

Your HairMNL Rewards points will expire 12 months after your last order.

6. When will my points be credited to my account?

Your HairMNL Rewards points will be usable 30 days after your purchase to give time for the system to verify your orders. If you would like to redeem your pending points right away, please send us a message and we will be happy to help you out.

7. How do I upgrade to the different tiers?

There are four different HairMNL Rewards tiers - Welcome, Ash, Silver, and Platinum. You can enjoy more perks as you upgrade to higher tiers.

To be part of the Ash Tier, you must spend Php 5,000 in a year. To be part of the Silver Tier, you must spend Php 15,000 in a year. To be part of the Platinum Tier, you must spend Php 50,000 in a year.

To maintain being part of your tier, you must spend the required amount within a 12-month period.

8. How do I check my points balance?

Log in to your HairMNL Rewards account and once you do, you will be able to see your points balance at the top of the page.

9. Will my tier be downgraded if I use my points?

Your tier will not downgrade after redeeming your points. You may continue enjoying the perks of your tier as long as you meet the required yearly minimum total spend.

10. Can I return my rewards?

Unfortunately, rewards may not be returned in exchange for another gift or for points.