For Bleached Hair

Bleached hair needs extra care. This is because the bleaching process strips hair of oils, keratin, and pigments. As a result, bleached hair is usually either dry, frizzy or weak (or all of these). The products in this collection are curated specifically for Bleached Hair. These product lines contain oils, proteins, and bond builders that help improve the condition of bleached hair.

For hair needing bond builders, check out Davines Nourishing, Aveda Botanical Repair, and Davines Heart of Glass.

For hair needing deep nourishment, check out the Davines Nounou, Kérastase Blond Absolu Cicaextreme, and L'Oréal Absolut Repair.

For hair needing protein, check out Kérastase Resistance Therapiste, Davines Nourishing, and L'Oréal Absolut Repair lines.

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