Davines Heart of Glass for Blonde Hair

HairMNL Davines Heart of Glass for Blondes
Bright, alive, irreverent: to protect its natural strength and beauty, blonde hair needs special care and attentionHeart of Glass derives its name from a famous song from the 80s, sang by a very blonde artist who has become an icon.
All of the products are designed to highlight the beauty of blonde hair, both natural and bleached, lightened and dyed; or hair that has been exposed to sunlight, the frequent use of the brushes or straighteners, all elements that could weaken its fibre. 
Heart of Glass offers a complete hair routine with four products: shampoo, conditioner, treatment and a leave-on illuminating thermal-protective fluid.

Blue shampoo and conditioner to highlight your blonde 

Both shampoo and conditioner have a very peculiar color: indigo blue. In order to get that color, we used the natural extract of Jagua, a fruit which is sustainably grown in Columbia to preserve the biodiversity.

  • The blue from the Jagua extract guarantees a delicate chromatic balancing of the shades and is perfect for all types of blonde. It can be used at every single wash as there is no risk of chromatic overload.
  • The extract prevents the cold blondes from veering towards warm hues and the warm blondes from becoming even warmer.
  • It also revives the natural blonde hair’s shine, which could be under attack from the sun, the salt, the chlorine or the limescale, potentially losing gloss and vitality.

Nature and science: your allies to strengthen, repair and nourish your hair

Heart of Glass Sheer Glaze contains a new natural active ingredient - patented at the Davines Labs - sourced from the Scandinavian fir. This "botanical shield” comes from fibres taken from trees grown in sustainably managed forests. It strengthens, hydrates and gives elasticity to the hair, shielding them from the heat and helping the styling last longer.

It’s a complex of molecules created and patented at the Davines Labs. It has an extraordinary effect on hair, strengthening them with a preventative action and repairing the damages at the same time.

*The Biacidic Bond Complex is present in Heart of Glass Intense Treatment and Rich Conditioner.

The Heart of Glass formulas are enriched with an innovative natural extract from Baobab seeds. This ingredient is the botanical alternative to the use of silicones, since it helps moisturise and discipline the hair, making it more nimble. The extract comes from baobab plantations grown and managed in a sustainable way, in order to contribute to the economic development in Africa.