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Purple Toning Products

What's the fuss about purple toning products for blonde or lightened hair?

When the added pigments from hair color inevitably fade, your hair usually turns brassy as it goes back to its naturally yellow-red state bleached or pre-lightened state. Asian hair naturally contains red pigments in addition to yellow pigment from keratin - hence the brassy tone.
Hair Color Levels and Tones

We use basic color theory to counter brassiness - by countering yellow tones with purple toners in shampoo and treatment. Violet is the direct opposite of yellow on the color wheel; this means that combining both pigments results in a neutral, grayish tone. Similarly, applying purple pigments to brassy hair helps it appear more ashy. 

Color Wheel
HairMNL carries purple toning products from premium hair brands to help you keep your colored hair ashy, not brassy!