After Care for Blonde Hair - We Tally Up What you Need

In our pursuit to give you a more comprehensive understanding of the cost of being blonde, we're adding after care to the list of things to keep track of should you choose to dare with your hair. Hair pros like us will urge you not to skip proper after care so you can so you can enjoy your newly blonde hair. Severely damaged strands can feel rubbery, elastic, brittle, and are prone to breakage so the right pro shampoos & aftercare treatments are essential in keeping your strands strong and healthy.
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Damage and smooth blonde hair
#1 Use a gentle, sulfate free shampoo
Sulfate free shampoos not only help maintain the color added back into your hair but it’s also gentle enough not to over strip strands prone to drying from bleach. Choose a sulfate free and nourishing shampoo that can help hair bounce back.
We recommend using Davines NOUNOU Shampoo, P1,195, which deeply nourishes dry hair to keep blonde locks soft and silky. 
Explore our full range of bleach after care products here.
#2 Apply a Bond Builder Home Treatment
Another essential hair care to have post-bleach are bond builders. A home bond builder treatment like the cult-fave Olaplex No. 3, P2,300, acts as a scaffolding for your weakened strands, to reduce breakage and restore your hair’s health.  For a natural and nourishing option try AVEDA Botanical Repair™ Intensive Strengthening Masque: Rich P3,200, an all natural vegan bond building treatment that leaves hair visibly healthier, softer and shinier after just one use.
With Olaplex and without olaplex
#3 Use Purple Toning Products 
After weeks enjoying your blonde strands, you may start noticing your color beginning to fade and your locks looking brassy. Keep your hair looking salon-fresh by using purple toning products, like Kérastase Blond Absolu Anti-Brass Shampoo, P1,750. This set neutralizes unwanted brassy tones and illuminates blonde shades for added shine. You can also explore L'Oreal Serie Expert Silver Shampoo, P850, which is  enriched with magnesium and anti-yellowing agents to counteract brass.
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Top 5 purple shampoos
#4 Add a Weekly Protein Treatment 
Home protein treatments can help strands regain their strength and improve the overall texture of the hair. For best results, use a protein treatment once a week to help strengthen strands and restructure  hair cuticles to make them more resilient.
Explore using Davines Melu Conditioner, P1,295, that moisturizes hair and nourishes the ends to prevent hair breakage.
Davines Melu Conditioner

Here's a running tally of your blonde hair care maintenance featuring our top-selling products:

Price Range

Bleach After-Care - Sulfate-Free Shampoo 

(Cost will depend on which product and frequency of use)

P1,195 - Above 

Bleach After-Care - Home Bond-Building Treatment

(Cost will depend on which product and frequency of use)

P2,300 - Above

Bleach After-Care - Purple Toning Shampoo

(Cost will depend on which product and frequency of use)


Bleach After-Care - Protein Treatments

(Cost will depend on which product and frequency of use)

P1,295 - Above

Blonde Hair Aftercare Cost Estimate

Around P5,640 and above* 

After care makes the style, so when you go blonde remember to prepare for an arsenal of products to keep it looking good and staying healthy.
Need a refresher what it takes to go blonde? Check out our special feature on it in "Dare to Go Blonde - Discover the Cost of Being Blonde Here"

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