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If you’ve been dreaming of bleaching your strands and think you’re finally ready to go blonde, then this guide is for you. Being blonde has its costs, and we don’t just mean the price of the salon service - it’s also the time and energy you spend on it, from the salon chair to the after care. 
But as your mane authority, we understand how important it is to reach your hair goals which is why we prepared a guide on how much you can expect to shell out when you want to be blonde.
Disclaimer - This article is a guide to help you better understand the cost of going blonde but for more accurate costings, it’s best to consult with your preferred salon professional with your desired peg. 
First things first, have you decided on your blonde peg? Knowing the goal is essential for your stylist to determine a lot of things - from the amount of product to be used, the amount of time in the salon, what’s possible given your current hair’s condition, and so much more.
For purposes of this guide, let’s turn to long wavy hair with a level 2-3 dark virgin hair color at about medium thickness to a level 9 dark blonde hair. 
Dark to blonde hair
First Stop - The Salon Service
The process of going blonde involves rounds of bleaching to achieve the level of lightness you are going for. Your salon professional will assess your hair based on your hair type, level of strand porosity, length of your hair and current hair color level. The darker and thicker the hair, the more rounds of bleach you’ll need. You will also need to disclose your hair history, from chemical treatment (perms, rebond) to regular hair habits (like regular heat styling), so that they can assess if your intended style can safely be achieved.
How does bleaching work? 
Bleaching is a chemical treatment on the hair that effectively releases pigments found in your strands, making them several shades lighter. In the process it will damage your hair as it needs to open up the cuticle layer to remove those pigments. Your salon professional might also do a damage test to check if your hair can withstand bleaching.
On average, virgin dark Asian hair can take about 4-5 hours, possibly involving 3-4 rounds of bleach to reach the desired level of lightness. This process takes a while so make sure you’re ready and equipped to sit for a long period of time!
Looks like my hair is ready - but how much does the service cost?
The price ultimately depends on your current state of hair and your blonde hair peg. For our dark blonde peg, expect a range from P10,000 up to P18,000 - depending on the type of bleach, amount of product used for bleaching and toning, length and thickness of hair, the type of hair color applied after the bleach, and the expertise of the hair stylist. If your hair type needs more product or if you prefer the products are plant-based, vegan, and ammonia-free, the more expensive the service could be.
Although this price is only a cost estimate, it’s intended to give you a general idea of how much you may need to set aside for your service.
Are there any other treatments I need?
When you bleach your hair, your strands are highly prone to damage and your hair will likely feel rubberized and brittle. We highly recommend availing a bond building service, like OLAPLEX or Aveda Botanical Repair, to lessen the harsh effects of chemical bleach and hair color developers on the strand. 
Damaged blonde hair
Bond builder add-ons can range from P600-P1,200 per dose. The number of doses must be equal to the rounds of bleach applied. For the dark blonde peg, we recommend having 3-4 doses. Having experience on determining the level of damage is one of the reasons why we recommend only a salon professional bleach your hair. 
Why do I need color toning?
Achieving your blonde hair goals doesn’t stop at bleaching because in the first place, bleach is not a color. It only serves to lighten the hair enough so there’s a proper base for toning your strands to your desired shade. Toning is critical to achieve the final color result you’re after and can cost an additional P1,600-P6,000. 
Color toning
Source: Bellatorre
Next Stop - After Care
The cost of being blonde doesn’t end at the salon. Salon pros highly recommend investing in the proper hair aftercare products, that can include a gentle, sulfate free shampoo, a bond builder home maintenance treatment, a purple toning products and a weekly protein treatment. Opting not to use them will quite literally be throwing your treatment down the drain. For a more indepth guide check out our feature on After Care for Blonde Hair - We Tally Up What You Need” here.

The Ultimate Cost of Being Blonde

Now that we have a better understanding of the costs, let’s return to our hair goal - transforming a level 2-3 dark asian hair at shoulder length into a beautiful shade of dark blonde. Here’s our running tally of what you need to prepare for. Although prices will differ greatly depending on the factors mentioned above, at least you are better prepared should you be committed to make the blonde leap. 

Price Range

The Salon Service - 3 Rounds of Bleaching

P10,000 - P18,000

The Salon Service - Pro Bond Building Treatment

(3 Doses)

P1,800 (Three rounds)

The Salon Service - Toning (Color)

P1,600 - P6,000

Going Blonde Service Cost Estimate

*Note that this is only a cost estimate for guidance and actual costs will depend on the condition of your hair and the salon you visit. For more detailed information, reach out to your trusted salon professional.

We've tallied up the cost of after care for blonde hair, so you won't have to. Read about how much it costs to keep your blonde hair gorgeous and healthy.

Blonde hair gorgeous and healthy
Being blonde is certainly worth it, but it does take work to achieve and maintain. From hours in the salon, to the pretty penny you’d pay to have it professionally done, to the special care you’d need after. Going blonde is a big deal, but like anything important to you, the choice to bleach your strands and the care it involves can be a welcome challenge especially if it makes you feel good. Only you can define its true worth. 
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Blonde now - pay later

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