Argila Amazonia

The Next Generation in Hair Straightening
Argila Amazonia is a revolutionary hair-straightening system that provides long-lasting results. Using all natural ingredients from the Amazon, such as White Argila Clay and Murumuru Oil, Argila Amazonia leaves hair smooth and silky soft. Pure, rare and rich in nutrients, White Argila Clay is the active ingredient in our groundbreaking system. It contains minerals that enhance hair´s health, such as magnesium, copper, zinc, aluminum, potassium and iron.

Oil extracts from the exotic Murumuru seed help nourish and maintain healthy hair.

All Argila Amazônia products were formulated free of formaldehyde, parabens, ammonia, dyes or any other chemical that could be considered harmful. In the same vein, all ingredients are extracted sustainably through partnerships with indigenous people´s cooperatives.

Hair Argilatherapy
Argila Amazonia brings Argilatherapy, known for their rejuvenating skin treatments, to the world of professional hair care. Argilatherapy's principle function is to remove toxins and impurities, allowing for the full reconstruction of hair follicles. The healing power of white Argila clay combines with the rich fatty acids present in murumuru oil to create a powerful defense against the effects of chemical and environmental damage on hair. 

Our unique straightening system is customizable according to the type of hair and desired degree of straightening. The Argila Amazonia Unidose Smoothing Kit comes with 4 products:

Detoxifier Pre-Treatment Shampoo 50ml
Its high pH removes toxins and impurities, preparing the hair cuticles for the straightening process.

Activator: Smoothing Cream Solution 100ml
Restores and improves frizzy hair, leaving it healthier and more manageable.

Smooth Prolonging Masque 15g x 3
Reconstructs hair from the inside out. It improves hair’s health, intensifies softness and reduces frizz.

Murumuru Sealer: Protection and Shine Spray 50ml
Naturally strengthens the lipid barrier of the hair, providing lasting brightness, smoothness, hydration and protection. Responsible for completing the straightening treatment, fully closing the hair cuticles and balancing the hair’s pH.

Prolong Your Treatment
Our home care products harness the same beneficial White Argia Clay and Murumuru Oil as the Salon System and are specially formulated to extend the life of your Argila smoothing treatment.

Smooth-Prolonging Shampoo 300ml
Smooth-Prolonging Mask 500g
Murumuru Sealer Protecting Spray 300ml