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Argila Amazonia

Revolutionizing Hair Smoothing: The Argila Amazonia Experience

Argila Amazonia is the choice for professionals looking to revolutionize hair smoothing. Its exclusive formulations draw inspiration from the natural treasures of the Amazon, harnessing the power of White Argila Clay and Murumuru Oil to bestow profound smoothness and velvety softness to hair. White Argila Clay, a rare, nutrient-rich substance from the Amazon, takes center stage in its groundbreaking formula, fortified with essential minerals like magnesium, copper, zinc, aluminum, potassium, and iron, all contributing to the health of your clients' hair.

Elevate your clients' hair vitality with Murumuru Oil, extracted from the exotic Murumuru seed, expertly crafted to sustain and enhance their hair's well-being. Every product in the Argila Amazonia line has been thoughtfully formulated, meticulously avoiding formaldehyde, parabens, ammonia, dyes, or any potentially harmful chemicals. The dedication to sustainability extends to responsible ingredient sourcing through partnerships with indigenous cooperatives.

Embrace the world of Hair Argilatherapy, a revered technique known for its transformative skin treatments, seamlessly integrated into the realm of professional hair care. Argilatherapy's fundamental principle lies in the purification of toxins and impurities, setting the stage for complete hair follicle rejuvenation. The potent fusion of White Argila Clay and the rich fatty acids from Murumuru Oil forms an unyielding defense against the perils of chemical and environmental hair damage.

The unique smoothing system offered by Argila Amazonia is a customizable masterpiece, tailored to suit various hair types and the desired level of straightening for your clients. The Argila Amazonia Unidose Smoothing Kit is a comprehensive solution comprising four key products:

  1. Detoxifier Pre-Treatment Shampoo (50ml): With a high pH level, it efficiently eliminates toxins and impurities, meticulously preparing the hair cuticles for the smoothing process.
  2. Activator: Smoothing Cream Solution (100ml): This transformative solution restores and enhances frizzy hair, promoting healthier and more manageable locks.
  3. Smooth Prolonging Masque (15g x 3): Embark on a journey of inner hair reconstruction, enhancing hair's overall well-being, intensifying softness, and effectively reducing frizz.
  4. Murumuru Sealer: Protection and Shine Spray (50ml): A natural guardian for the hair's lipid barrier, providing enduring brilliance, smoothness, hydration, and protection. It expertly concludes the smoothing treatment, sealing the hair cuticles and maintaining optimal pH balance.

Sustain the allure of your Argila smoothing treatment with the home care products, all meticulously crafted to prolong the life of your Argila smoothing treatment:

  1. Smooth-Prolonging Shampoo (300ml)
  2. Smooth-Prolonging Mask (250g, 500g)
  3. Murumuru Sealer Protecting Spray (300ml)

Experience the future of hair transformation with Argila Amazonia, where excellence meets the purity of the Amazon's natural bounty. Discover a new level of beauty and elegance.