Curl Alert! 5 Good Habits Pinays with Curls Should Do

Curly hair care routines? They can get confusing and intimidating, but only because there are so many curly hair products out there and you just don’t know where to begin! Well, for starters, curly hair needs a hair care routine designed for curly hair – you can’t just use any routine for your kulot locks! 
Now, most people want to know how to get straight and silky hair, but how about those who want curly and bouncy hair? Luckily, you’re in the right place – we’re telling you 5 good habits Pinays should try if they have wavy or curly hair! Read on to find out what they are.
Curly and bouncy hair
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Curly hair definitely looks amazing, but you can’t have it without practicing good hair care habits, specifically for kulot hair! Curls tend to get dry and frizzy, especially when exposed to a humid and hot climate. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it – you just need to deeply nourish and hydrate your locks to be able to bring your curls to life, no matter the weather! 
Here are 5 kulot hair habits for you to try out:

1: Use Shampoos and Conditioners designed for Curly/Kulot Hair

Just like how you buy skincare products depending on your skin type or concern, you would need to buy hair care products depending on your hair type. In this case, curly hair means curly hair care products! Your kulot hair will only end up looking and being dry and limp if you don’t use the right products. Here are our recommended products:
Davines LOVE Curl Enhancing Set
This volumizing shampoo and conditioner set has a creamy and moisturizing formula that gently cleanses and deeply conditions your curly hair. It increases your kulot’s elasticity and improves its texture while making it more soft and shiny. This set even comes with a FREE OI Milk – a multi-function leave-in spray treatment that softens, detangles, controls frizz, and protects the hair from heat!
Kérastase Curl Manifesto Curl Enhancing Ritual for Wavy to Curly Hair
How can you manifest a good curly hair day? By using the Curl Manifesto range of Kérastase! Formulated with hydrating Manuka Honey and cementing Ceramide, the range provides the perfect combination of hydration, definition, and strength to all curls and coils. It ultimately enhances your curl pattern and volume!
Shop more of our professional hair care products for curly hair here.

2: Turn to Curl Styling Products

Curly hair may be high maintenance, but it’s all worth it – we promise! Turning to hair styling products for curly hair can actually elevate your hair’s look. Not sure what to use? Try out these:
Davines LOVE Curl Controller: Curl Taming Cream
This is a styling cream for controlling the volume of your curly hair, especially your frizzy strands. Not only does it tame away your frizz, but it also enhances your curls’ texture and stays that way, no matter the weather!
AVEDA Be Curly™ Curl Enhancer
The product name speaks for itself – enhance your curls with this one! This wheat protein and organic aloe infused styling creme expands when hair is wet and retracts when hair is dry to help intensify your curl or wave. Now you can get defined curls, fight the frizz, and add shine to your kulot!

3: Skip the Brush

Curly hair also needs a different brush – combing the kulot out with an ordinary brush can only break up the definition and lose the texture of your curls! It could also end up giving you more flyaway hairs to deal with. So, the solution is to use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to gently detangle your hair and free it from any knots. After which, twirls your strands in clusters of curls and scrunch all of them up to bring back the volume of your curls.

4: Let Your Hair Be

As much as you’d want to twirl your strands all day or finger-comb any tangles away, don’t. Try to avoid touching your hair throughout the day or else you might end up making your hair more frizzy and prone to breakage! The constant twirling and twisting can stress your hair strands out, while the constant finger-combing can cause a couple of hair strands to actually fall out. After all, touching your hair again and again while you’re outdoors can bring more oil and dirt onto your hair and scalp, making your kulot hair a greasy mess by the end of the day. 

5: Consult with a HairMNL Expert/Hairstylist

There are different types of curly hair, and at some point, it can still get confusing for some to figure out which curl products are for their curl type. But, there will always be hair experts out there to help and guide you in your curly hair care journey! 
Send our HairMNL experts a message and ask away any curly hair concerns or questions so they can give you a hair consultation for FREE. Feel like messaging us wouldn’t be enough? Then you can always book a salon appointment at HairMNL Studio to consult with a professional hairstylist.

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