Here’s How to Give Your Dull Hair A Shiny Boost!

Who wants dull hair? We’re pretty sure you don’t! Shiny hair just gives your locks that natural glow that  levels up your look. But you don’t have to be torn! Because you can definitely achieve having shiny hair at home. With the guide and shiny hair tips we’ve listed, get to know what causes dull hair and how you can get that shiny, glossy mane.

Dull hair – What Is It and What Causes It?

Unsure if you have dull hair? Check if your hair has  these characteristics:
o   Dry and rough
o   Frizzy
o   Limp or weighed down
If your hair checks all that, chances are you have dull hair.
Dull hair can result from different reasons – external and environmental factors, heat styling, unsuitable hair care routine, and harsh chemicals (Source). While it may sound a lot, the good news is that there are ways to bring back the shine to your tresses!

How to get Shiny Hair?

Tip 1: Shift to a suitable hair routine.
One cause of dull hair might be because your current hair system isn’t targeted to enhance the shine on your hair. Start off your road to shiny hair by using shampoo and conditioner that would give your hair the shine you want. Make the Davine OI Ultimate Shine Set, P3,740, part of your routine. Not only does it make your hair soft and shiny, but it also protects your hair from heat damage.
Davine OI Ultimate Shine Set
Source: davinesph/Instagram
Tip 2: Detox your scalp.
Shiny and healthy hair all goes back to the roots. With product build up just sitting on top of your scalp, it poses as a roadblock to giving your hair the nourishment it needs. Wash away all that gunk and make way for clean, healthy hair with Davines SOLU Sea Salt Scrub, P1,550.
Davines SOLU Sea Salt Scrub
Source: davinesnorthamerica/Instagram
Tip 3: Choose a boar bristle brush.
No, brushing your hair 100 times isn’t the way to go. But yes, brushing does help by spreading the natural oil to your hair, giving it a natural shine. We recommend brushing your hair gently with a boar bristle brush to help distribute the oil from your roots evenly to your ends.
Tip 4: Apply oil or hair mask for instant shine.
Just shampoo and conditioner won’t do the trick. Give your locks additional love by applying oil. You might think that applying oil to your hair will make it greasy and oily, but when given the right amount, oil can give that nourishment and shine your hair might lack, L'Oréal Huile Original Mythic Oil , P1,099, is an all-in-one miracle bottle. Not only does it give you that shine, but it also protects and nourishes your hair.
L'Oréal Huile Original Mythic Oil
Source: lorealpro/Instagram
If your hair feels extra dry, grab a hair mask to revive your hair in an instant. Just like its name, Davines The Circle Chronicles: The Spotlight Circle, P1,995, will definitely give your hair that spotlight it deserves. Infused with moringa oil, it gives your hair that instant shine and healthy luster.
Tip 5: Give it a final spritz for an extra touch.
Before heading out, give your hair the final extra touch by spraying on that shine. Try the AVEDA Brilliant Spray-On Shine, P1,900, that can give your hair a sheer mist of pure shine. Plus it helps you kiss your flyaways goodbye!
AVEDA Brilliant Spray-On Shine
We hope that these tips will help you achieve your dream glossy hair! If you have any questions in mind, you may ask our experts.

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