Embracing Your Curls: The Curly Girl Method in the Philippines

In the Philippines, a country with a wide range of hair textures, the Curly Girl Method (CGM) has become a popular approach to hair care. Created by hairstylist Lorraine Massey and outlined in her book "Curly Girl: The Handbook," the CGM is specially designed for those with naturally curly hair. It advocates for a hair care routine that avoids harmful practices and ingredients, focusing instead on nurturing and enhancing the natural texture of curly hair.

Embracing Your Curls: The Curly Girl Method in the Philippines - HairMNL Tousled Online Magazine

The Curly Girl Method: A Comprehensive Approach to Hair Care

The CGM goes beyond just a set of guidelines; it's an educational journey into understanding and loving your natural hair texture. Whether your hair is wavy, coiled, or curly, this method provides tailored care. By using specific products and techniques, the CGM aims to protect and maintain natural curls, making them healthier and more vibrant.

Detailed CGM Process

The CGM process begins with a 'reset wash' using a shampoo containing sulfates to remove any silicone buildup from previous hair care products. This step, which is not a regular part of the routine, helps make the hair more receptive to CGM-friendly products. Following this, a regimen of using gentle, sulfate-free shampoos and silicone-free conditioners, along with suitable styling products, becomes essential.

CGM in the Philippine Context

Adapting the CGM in the Philippines means considering the country's humid climate and diverse hair types. Choosing products that not only nourish curls but also protect them from the humidity is crucial. Communities like Curly Girls Philippines offer a space for sharing localized tips and experiences, making the CGM journey more relatable for Filipinos.

HairMNL: A Leading Source for CGM Products

HairMNL stands as a professional provider of CGM products in the Philippines - offering a good range of items that comply with CGM guidelines, making it easier for individuals to find products that suit their hair care needs. This includes a variety of shampoos, conditioners, and other essentials that adhere to the CGM philosophy.

Exploring Featured Products at HairMNL

Davines LOVE Curl Shampoo 250ml: Specially formulated to enhance curls and waves, this shampoo provides a gentle yet effective cleanse, making it a CGM-friendly choice.

HairMNL Davines LOVE Curl Shampoo: Curl Enhancing Shampoo for Wavy or Curly Hair

Image Source: Davines Philippines

Davines This is a Curl Gel Oil 250ml: Ideal for defining curls, this product offers a unique gel-to-oil formula that maintains hair health while providing hold.

HairMNL Davines This is a Curl Gel Oil: Gel to Oil For Curls Definition

Revlon Professional’s CGM-Approved Range at HairMNL

Revlon Professional’s CGM-Approved Range at HairMNL

The Revlon Professional ReStart Curls collection available at HairMNL includes products like:

Revlon Professional ReStart Curls Nourishing Cleanser 250ml: Designed for curly hair, this cleanser is effective yet gentle on curls.

HairMNL Revlon Professional ReStart Curls Nourishing Cleanser 250ml

Revlon Professional ReStart Curls Nourishing Conditioner and Leave-In 200ml: This versatile product acts as a conditioner and a leave-in treatment, offering extended nourishment for curls.


Revlon Pro ReStart Curls Nourishing Conditioner & Leave-In - HairMNL


Extending Your CGM Knowledge

For those new to the CGM or seeking to deepen their understanding, resources like blogs, tutorials, and workshops can be invaluable. These resources often provide insights into different curl types, how to identify them, and the best practices for caring for each type. Additionally, understanding the role of different ingredients and how they affect curly hair can be crucial in choosing the right products.

Conclusion: Your Curly Hair, Your Journey

The CGM has brought a new perspective to curly hair care in the Philippines. It offers a structured yet flexible approach to maintaining healthy, lively curls. With the support of communities and resources like Curly Girls Philippines and the diverse product offerings at HairMNL, including the Revlon Professional range, anyone can embark on a fulfilling journey of curly hair care.

Whether you're just starting or looking to refine your CGM routine, the wealth of available options and knowledge ensures a supportive and effective path to embracing and celebrating your natural curls.

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