Fried Hair Fixes - Your Ultimate Guide to Bleached Hair Care

People brighten up their lives with color in different ways. And if you’re here, one of the ways you might color your life is through your hair. But given how most Asians are born with jet black hair, achieving the beautiful colors you often see may take an extra step, which calls for bleaching. While bleaching lets you adorn beautiful colors on your crowning glory, it can be damaging to your hair, when not taken care of properly. After all, it’s a treatment that opens your cuticles so chemicals can penetrate deep within. If you’ve gone too far with bleaching, your hair may feel extra dry, brittle, and even prone to breakage. Here’s everything you need to know to nurse your hair back to health and what to avoid next time.

(1) Switch to targeted hair care essentials.

Because of the damage your hair sustains from the bleaching process, you’ll need to give your bleached locks the extra care they deserve by switching up your hair care products according to its needs. In your first two weeks, you’ll experience how the chemicals make your hair texture feel rough and stiff. That’s why your post-bleached hair will be in need of some extreme nourishing and hydrating boost that the Kerastase Cicaextreme Shampoo, P1,750 can give. Enriched with edelweiss oil and a skin holy grail, hyaluronic acid, this moisturizing shampoo intensely replenishes your hair to make it stronger and more elastic. Here’s to moisturized bleached tresses!
Kerastase Cicaextreme Shampoo
Alternatively, you can try Davines Heart of Glass Silkening Shampoo, P1,300. Thanks to this natural blue shampoo, you don’t have to worry about brassy hues anymore as it enhances and clarifies your blonde tones. It also gives your bleached strands the nourishment and moisture it needs to smoothen your hair. Why settle for rough bleached tresses when it can be silky smooth like the hair goals you’ve always been dreaming of? 
Davines Heart of Glass Silkening Shampoo

(2) Maintain and build your bonds.

Aside from the daily nourishing factor you get from your shampoo and conditioner, make it a weekly routine to do a deep conditioning and repair treatment for your broken bonds. Bleaching your hair can impact your hair’s bonds more than any other chemical treatment. Level up your damage care with a bond building product, like the Olaplex No. 3: Hair Perfector, P2,300! It’s a must-have award-winning treatment to repair tresses that have been bleached more than twice. 
Olaplex No. 3: Hair Perfector
Use this treatment once a week and get up to 68% more repair that will leave your hair more resilient and protected from within. Here’s what’s even better: the hair perfector further locks in the results from your bleach, helping you enjoy your bleached strands for longer. No wonder it’s a globally raved treatment! 
If you’re looking for a plant-based alternative to repair broken bonds, try the Aveda Botanical Repair Intensive Strengthening Masque: Rich, P3,200. Its unique plant-powered blend intensely repairs and strengthens your hair bonds from within. The masque protects you from future damage and breakage, while keeping it nourished. After just one use, your bleached locks will look visibly healthier, softer, and shinier. 
Aveda Botanical Repair Intensive Strengthening Masque

(3) Boost your hair’s protein intake. 

Alternate your deeply nourishing routine with some protein. Just as quinoa and protein helps you build your muscles, these two ingredients can help build up your hair from damage. Through these key ingredients, the L’Oreal Absolut Repair Duo, P1,872, reconstructs your dry, damaged hair by restoring your fiber. This golden duo builds up your hair muscles so that it’s strengthened from the inside out against aggressors. A gold treasure for your bleached tresses indeed!
L’Oreal Absolut Repair Duo

(4) Recalibrate your hair care habits. 

Aside from reconstructing your hair care routine, you can avoid future damage by recalibrating your hair care habits to be tailored for bleached care. After all, some of the hair damage you might be experiencing are thanks to these habits. One way to avoid damage is by limiting the use of heat styling tools. Since your hair is already dry and brittle from the bleach, additional heat will cause further breakage. But if unavoidable, make sure to keep your hair protected with a heat protectant.
You might be wondering, which among these is the top product for bleached hair? At the end of the day, the best way to maintain your bleached hair is to have protein-rich, nourishing, and bond-building products on hand because they’re all equally important in keeping your bleached hair beautiful and healthy. You can just rotate these products based on how your hair is feeling on a particular day.
We hope these will help you care for your bleached hair! If you’ve got more questions in mind, you can always consult our experts for free.

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