Did You Know That Tomatoes Can Nourish Your Damaged Hair?

Damaged hair from bleach, color, or chemical treatments? Or maybe a mix of all? Cue the sigh. While you might feel like your dry, brittle hair seems like a lost cause, you can hold that thought, because we have the superfood your hair might just need – tomatoes. Find out what tomatoes can offer your damaged hair.
Tomatoes are superfoods that are packed with all sorts of nutrients and vitamins. It’s highly known for its antioxidants and the Vitamin C it provides, but its nutrients don’t end there. Tomatoes can also be a source of Vitamins A and B, potassium, and magnesium. Given how tomatoes have so much to offer, it’s no wonder that it can be healthy for your hair, too.
 Tomatoes alone or tomato extracts infused in hair care essentials can nourish damaged hair, thanks to its antioxidants. It’s claimed to moisturize your strands, leaving it smooth and shiny. Plus, people have claimed it to help keep your scalp healthy and balanced too! Convinced to have this ingredient in your damage care routine? Well, we’ve got the collection just for you!
Davines NOUNOU is a collection of nourishing hair care products for highly-processed, damaged hair. It’s enriched with tomato extracts that aren’t only good for your hair, but also for the planet. While NOUNOU’s key ingredient for its nourishing power may be tomato extract, this isn’t the only noteworthy ingredient it has for damaged hair.
Davines NOUNOU
The NOUNOU range is rich in carbohydrates and proteins. It also has one of the favorite ingredients in skin care, glycerin. Glycerin acts as a humectant, which means that it can help your hair retain the moisture and keep your hair hydrated. The unique blend of natural ingredients nourishes your hair while leaving your hair smelling decadently fresh. The family is characterized by a citrus, spicy and aromatic scent. Repairs, nourishes, and decadent smelling? Triple threat indeed!


With all the good stuff in the NOUNOU family, it’s definitely earned awards and legions of fans all over the world. Check out what people have to say about this range as we deep dive into each of the NOUNOU product and see other specific ingredients the range has:

(1) NOUNOU Shampoo, P1,090

NOUNOU Shampoo
Aside from the common family ingredients for nourishing repair, the NOUNOU Shampoo also has a mixture of mild surfactants. This means that the shampoo gently cleanses the dry locks without weighing it down.

(2) NOUNOU Conditioner, P1,175

NOUNOU Conditioner
The NOUNOU Conditioner deeply moisturizes and nourishes your damaged hair to ease in detangling your hair, keeping it soft, and giving your hair body. To do all these, the conditioner has emollient ingredients, such as shea butter and smooth almond oil. It smoothes, softens, and moisturizes your brittle hair. It also contains Vitamin E that provides antioxidant action to your scalp and hair.

(3) NOUNOU Mask, P1,710

For instant hydration and nourishment for your dry, brittle hair, we’ve got the NOUNOU Nourishing Repair Mask. Enriched with olive butter, your damaged tresses are softened and moisturized. It also features jojoba oil that nourishes hair while keeping it shiny.
Davines Nounou hair mask
NOUNOU Nourishing mask review
Bottomline: While tomatoes alone may be good in nourishing your damaged hair, your brittle locks can enjoy so much more with what NOUNOU has to offer. So if you’ve got damaged hair from all the bleaching and chemical treatments, check out this NOUNOU Damage Remedy Set, P2,265, and the NOUNOU Ultimate Damage Remedy Set, P3,975! Trust us, your hair will surely thank you for it.

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