Does Frizz Have You Frazzled? Enjoy Frizz-Free Hair This Summer

Suffering from frizz? Tangles and dullness are some of the telltale signs of frustratingly unruly hair. It is even more so apparent in the summer, when heat and humidity just won’t let up.  If you are on the hunt for anti-frizz conditioners and treatments, you’ve come to the right place.

Frizz, for us hair enthusiasts, is fascinating, and finding the right solution for you, more so. It’s never a one-size-fits-all remedy when it comes to straightening out that mane, because sudden changes in weather, stress levels, or a combination of other factors can lead to dullness, tangles, and unwanted volume. So, to help find the treatment for you, we’ve narrowed down the most common situations you’re likely to encounter frizz and what you can do about it.
Before and after using anti-frizz conditioners and treatments 

What causes frizz anyway? 

When it comes to frizz, there are many culprits. From genetics to stress, sun exposure to daily heat styling, all these can damage the strand or cause hair follicles to lose moisture. This can make hair look dull and prone to tangles. Frizzy hair can affect men and women of any age, but you're more likely to develop it as you get older.
 At Home
At Home
Sleeping in is a great way to recharge, but laying down on your hair for hours can cause friction on those strands, making for the stubborn waves and uncombable tangles. For this, give your hair the out-of-bed look you’ve always wanted with Aveda Smooth Infusion. A line of plant-powered vegan shampoo, conditioner, mask, and leave-in smoothener, it reduces unwanted waves and softens hair, while sealing in moisture and locking out frizz — even in intense indoor humidity. 
At Work 
Ever wonder why your hair gets frizzy when pushing for a deadline, or when you're nervous for a presentation? When stress is intense and relentless, your body produces stress hormones that give you the extra energy you need to keep going. But the barrage of stressors make for terrible hair, leading to frizz and possibly hair fall. Relax your hair with a nutrient rich care from the L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Line. Its shampoo, mask, and best-selling hair oil work together to calm down your hair giving intense shine and smoothness. Inspired by the tradition of Indian oil bathing, it’s your hairdresser’s secret to magnificent hair. 
Pro Tip: Team work makes the dream work, so make sure you try out the entire line of products that were made to work together to achieve your desired result.  You won’t solve the problem with only half the solution, so get a complete experience — from shampoo, to conditioner, all the way to treatment, and leave-in care. You are worth it. 
At A Work Out Session
At A Work Out Session
While sweating it out, the last thing you need is a heavy frizz control product that leaves hair feeling extra oily. What you need is an effective frizz control line that’s light on the hair and less greasy on the palms — no yoga slips here. We recommend Kérastase Discipline Anti-Frizz Hair Ritual. It's a potent shampoo, conditioner, & primer, that tames course and frizzy hair with its lightweight formula, so your hair won't feel weighed down while you move. 
At A Well Deserved Date Night
Busy setting up for the perfect for date night, but still trying to make it look effortless? Your secret is safe with us and the Davines Oi Ultimate Shine Set. A shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil, it adds instant shine and smoothness. Plus, it smells divine. 
At zoom party
At A Zoom Party
Summer is a great time to spend with friends. But with everyone keeping indoors for the time being, you can, instead, bring the summer into your video party. For a wild night of raucous laughter, you’ll want hair that keeps in pace with you. How about a luscious smoothing hair line from Serie Expert Pro Keratin LissIts shampoo, conditioner, mask, and primrose hair oil all work together to nourish, smoothen, and protect your rebellious hair fibers against humidity. Best of all, it offers enhanced shine that translates well on camera.
Did You Know: Your hair is made up of a tough overlapping protein called keratin. It forms a protective layer around your hair follicle to help lock in moisture. So, why do we need Keratin treatments if we already produce it naturally? Our keratin layer can be damaged, so these therapies smoothen cells and add keratin around the hair strands. Simply put, it makes hair more manageable with less frizz, leaving it looking glossy. But don’t over do it, as too much keratin treatments can make hair too stiff and cause breakage. 
At the Beach
At the Beach
Spending your summer by the sea? Nice. Heat and humidity can leave hair fibers open and exposed. If your hair is sensitive to humidity, we recommend the Brazilian Blowout line. Made with UVA & UVB protection, it makes sure your hair doesn’t fry under the sun, and even repairs the hair while locking in moisture, leaving only soft, frizz-free, radiant hair.*  
*Best results when used for retention of the Brazilian Blowout treatment and color services.
There you have it  — 6 summer situations you might need smooth, shiny, and tangle-free hair. No more getting frazzled with frizz when you use these top care products.  
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