Let’s Get Real! 4 Myths About Your Hair, Debunked

Knowing what hair products work for you can be challenging if you aren’t well-versed in hair care. That’s why we’re here to teach you the ropes and fact-check what’s genuine and faux in finding the hair routine meant for you. 
As we break down some common hair myths, you’ll start building your foundation for hair care sooner than you think!
hair myths
“Sulfates do nothing but bring damage to your hair.”
It’s not that sulfates are nothing but dangerous. It’s about the amount you use and only using what can benefit you. People with hypersensitive scalp or extremely dry/damaged hair might opt for something with less sulfate to manage their strands better. If you prefer sulfate-free shampoos, don’t worry because there are many great shampoos you can use. You can choose from our quality selection of sulfate-free shampoos here.
However, if you have oily hair and an occasional greasy scalp, then sulfate shampoo might be helpful for your case. It has deep cleansing effects with anionic surfactants that remove unwanted substances lingering on your scalp. Sulfates are key ingredients in many shampoos and are most effective at removing dirt and build-up from your scalp. For best results, we suggest pairing your sulfate shampoo with a conditioner to retain moisture and to keep your strands silky – but not oily! If you're looking for great conditioners to pair with your sulfate shampoo, you might want to check out the ones available here.
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“Blow dry your hair, and you’ll destroy it more than air drying does.”
Blowdrying hair
Blowdrying your hair won’t damage it unless you put the heat on blast and risk depleting your natural oils. While it’s a fast and convenient way to style your hair, you can minimize further hair damage by adjusting your blowdryer to the cool setting. You may also use the light heat function and support it with a heat protectant spray, like the Davines MELU Hair Shield: Heat Protectant for Long or Damaged Hair, P1,795.
   On the other hand, air drying can also hurt your tresses if you don’t practice proper hair maintenance or if you dry it vigorously with your towel. But no harm there; if you prefer air drying instead, just make sure to have a good leave-in conditioner like the Kérastase Discipline Oléo-Relax Hair Oil 100ml, P1,900, to manage those locks and keep the moisture locked in.
 So, which one is better for you? This would still have to depend on your hair type paired with the right set of hair products. Build a healthy regimen so you can wear your crown with confidence. 
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“Wash your hair daily, and you’ll get hair loss.”
Washing your hair
Washing your hair every day doesn’t automatically lead to hair loss as long as you consider your hair type and texture, scalp condition, and in some cases, even personal styling preferences. For example, greasier scalps can develop acne if not washed often, while dry scalps must not be washed too frequently to prevent flake formation from poor sebum production.
Your hair and scalp are just like any other body part, so washing them removes all the debris, sweat, and odor. Washing daily isn’t bad per se, but it’s the kind of products that you incorporate into your routine that matters more. 
Some of the possible causes of hair loss are stress, aging, nutritional deficiency, and other health conditions. But washing your hair is not the main culprit to blame. 
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“Hair oils will only make your hair greasy and nothing else.”
Hair oils
On the contrary, hair oils won’t make your hair oily as long as you’re using them the right way. There are many benefits of hair oils, from being a hair detangling lubricant to a heat protectant and sealant to a styling product for added shine and softness -- just to name a few. Unless you apply buckets of oil to your hair, then using hair oils is an excellent add-on to your hair care routine. Whether it’s to help you section your hair or improve its overall health, you can expect so many perks that go with it! Whatever your hair goal, find suitable hair oil for your daily use from this collection.
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Hair care routine
We understand it’s a lot to take in, but that's the beauty of hair -- it’s a personal journey unique to every person. Understanding your hair can lead to better care routines  – and busting myths with fact-checking (plus visiting HairMNL!) is a good start.
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