Why You Should Choose Ammonia-free Hair Color

Maybe you were 8 or 10 when you first visited the parlor for your mom’s “quick” touch-ups. You may not remember the hairdresser or the posters of bygone celebrities there, but undoubtedly you remember the smell that has embedded itself in your memory all your life. To this day, the phrase “salon smell” is the universal description for any strong chemical scent that hangs in the room. But what exactly were you smelling?
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Generally speaking, the salon smell is a mixture of odors dominated by one strong substance, ammonia. For more than a century, ammonia has been the hair color companion, aiding in the expansion of the hair cuticles to allow for dyes to be absorbed by your hair. It’s effective, but the scent leaves you smelling like glass cleaner for days. That said, we’re not here to diss on ammonia-based hair color. It has served us well in the past, and we don’t think it’s going away in the near future, but the science of hair has come along way since the dawning age of synthetic hair dyes. Enter the age of the ammonia-free hair color.
What is Ammonia-Free?
Today, the use of ammonia-free hair color is drawing a loyal following and it is growing fast. Ammonia-free means exactly what it says, no trace of ammonia in the composition. Touted by stylists as a milder alternative, ammonia-free hair colors work much in the same way as its predecessor, minus the strong irritant that can affect the eyes, nose, lungs, and on sensitive skin that can lead to allergic reactions.*
Interestingly there is a wide array of development in this field. The Davines Group, known for its “A New Color” line, is in step with this shift in hair color science. A premium line, it aims to solve both the need for ammonia-free alternatives to provide maximum comfort for the user, while still leaving hair with a velvety color that lasts.  
A New Hair Color, A New Salon Experience
Davines Color
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The Davines A New Color (ANC) line is a premium hair color that aims to create a more pleasant salon experience. With the goal of offering better results than ammonia-based hair color, its delicate ammonia-free formula is odorless, which means no nose-curling smells to worry about.
Luminous and Delicate Formula
 Davines A New Color
The general misconception about ammonia-free hair color is that it is ineffective. The goal is to have colored hair that is both strong and lustrous. Davines ANC is able to achieve high luminosity even without the ammonia, that is more sensitive to the scalp. Packing it with vitamin C, carotenoids and antioxidants, it is able to replicate the shine you would get when color is effectively absorbed into the strand. Its range of red and dark brown colors are especially vibrant.  
Not Just Color, But Care
Not Just Color, But Care
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Admittedly, the process of hair coloring will affect the quality of the strand,  no matter the product, so it’s essential that the colorant itself contains remedies for the hair. Unlike ammonia-based hair color, the Davines ANC special formulation hydrates and strengthens hair allowing for a wider breadth of styles to explore.  
Ammonia-free hair color offerings are bound to expand as the shift toward more conscientious hair products continues, changing our experience, and ultimately our memories, at the salon.
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