Elevate Your Hair Care and Style with Le Couleur Professionnel - A HairMNL Online Exclusive

There’s always something new to look forward to at HairMNL. This month we delight in the addition of Le Couleur Professionnel in our selection of hair styling tools for home and salon use. From shears to steam flat irons, to clippers and more, we bring nano-technology and high-performance gear to you, all curated by our hair experts. Read more to discover how you can transform your home into a salon-esque experience with Le Couleur Professionnel.
Faced with the challenge of styling ourselves during these extended home quarantines, we come to experience a world where 90% of what people see of us is just our face and our hair. Requests for home styling have risen, and, for good reason, most people still prefer to limit going outside, reserving a visit to the salon for more serious hair concerns.  But styling at home isn’t easy, especially when you don’t have the right tools for the job. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Le Couleur Professionnel is the trusted partner of some of the biggest salons in the Philippines, and now, you can get your hands on these salon grade tools as well.
But aren’t pro tools only for the pros?
Certainly, salon professionals, who have devoted their career to the care of your hair, will produce the best results, but with some willingness to learn, along with the right gear, you could easily achieve some of the styles you love on your own. We’ve curated  a selection of high quality, user-friendly hair tools here at HairMNL.
How are pro tools better?
At the start, the idea can seem intimidating, but these pro tools were created to make it easier for you to reach your hair goals. From longer lasting cutting and thinning scissors that help prevent split ends, to clippers with a cooling system for more comfortable home grooming for men, it’s an investment in the ease of use and the longer term care for your hair.
What to get excited about?
There are loads of things to look forward to on our Le Couleur collection. Here are just a few to start.
Try the Le Couleur Hair Steam Iron, ₱ 8,800, a flat iron that releases a fine mist vapor, allowing water ions to penetrate the hair cuticles as you iron, giving you a shiny and hydrated salon-finish.
The Le Couleur Hi-Spray Spray Gun,  8,800, has an applicator that helps increase absorption of hair products by releasing a super fine mist that can better penetrate hair cuticles. From hair creams, oils, and serums, it’s great for applying scalp care or anti hair-loss treatments.
The Le Couleur Nano Steam Machine, ₱ 45,500 is made to prolong the lasting effects of hair treatments and hair color. A salon staple in Japan, the machine releases tiny steam molecules that open up the hair cuticle and helps lock in hair moisture. This procedure helps prep the hair for products to penetrate your hair better. Ask us if the Nano Steam is for you. 
To see the whole collection of Le Couleur Professionnel products, visit them in our special page here,  and get started on styling with ease.
Ready to reimagine your salon experience at home? Find out how in our special feature on the future of home hair care here. 

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