6 Beard Gear Essentials For Your Tool Kit!

We've updated this list to show you all the top pro beard care essentials we have. From oils, creams to clippers and cuts, these top tools will definitely help  you achieve those dapper goals. 

Planning on growing a beard? With so many styles available out there its hard to tell what products to get that match the look you are going for. So from chinstrap to duck dynasty, we’ve made a list of beard essentials anyone would need to start building their ultimate designer beard.

Beard Foam
Essential #1 Beard Foam
A clean beard is a base of any great style. Everyone has a preference for facial cleansers but it always good to have a cleansing beard foam ready on hand when washing your face and beard just isn’t possible. Refresh your beard anywhere with American Crew Beard Foam Cleanser,₱ 1,300, rinse-free easy to use and quick-absorbing, it’s a dry foam with long-lasting benefits, leaving the beard clean and free of daily residue.
Beard style
Essential #2 Styling 
For styling, some products that work for your head can work just as well for your beard. Styling wax works wonders but a little will go a long way. From scruff to full mountain man, try Bedhead by TIGI’s Matte Separation Wax, ₱ 1,300.  This humidity-resistant, non-flaking workable wax is designed to give medium hold for extra texture and definition.  
Beard Oils and Serums
Essential #3 Beard Oils and Serums 
Beard oils and serums are the unsung heroes for building your beard. In general, these leave-on formulas encourage specific results. Most offer hydration, which is another overlooked component of a beard routine. But before you excuse those extra bacon drippings as an alternative moisturizer,  consider that the best beard oils and serums are lightweight and fast-absorbing. In doing so it locks in moisture without leaving any residue. Try American Crew Beard Serum, ₱ 1,300. Infused with argan oil, it nourishes, regenerates and provides the proper environment for healthy beard growth. 
Curly hair with beard
Essential # 4 Shaving Cream
Even the best beards need some shaving. When shaping your beard with a razor, we still advise the use of shaving cream or gels to make sure that you accurately sculpt your beard to frame your face. Standard shaving creams like American Crew Precision Shave Gel, ₱ 1,620, offers a soothing herbal alternative for normal to coarse beards and provides maximum protection for dry skin.
Beard Balm
Essential #5 Beard Balm
To some, hair is hair, wherever on the body it grows. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Facial hair is often thicker, and wirier than that on the head. So when it comes to beard care, a bread balm is great at keeping those pesky wayward strands from sticking out. Beard balms, not to be confused with styling balms (or lip balms), offer lasting moisture and leave-in conditioning for your beard. American Crew Beard Balm, ₱ 1,300, with sweet almond oil and shea butter, conditions the beard while adding shine.
Beard Trimmers and Clippers
It goes without saying, a good electric beard trimmer or clipper maketh a beard.  The difference?  Clippers cut longer hair, while trimmers are often great at finer details. For both, most will come with attachments to adjust to the length of the hair.
For all around care from beard to hair get the JRL FreshFade 1040 Professional Clipper, 7,800. It's 45mm titanium blades are strong and wear resistant, for a smooth and precise cutting.  Plus it's Advanced Forced Air Cooling System keeps the titanium blades cold making it comfortable when working near your face. 
Although it cannot replace a close shave, those prone to ingrown hairs and acne may prefer to use trimmers instead. Invest in a professional gear like the Gamma Piu 024 Plus Professional Trimmer, ₱ 6,000, that cuts lengths between Cutting length 0.25÷3 mm, perfect for more precise looks. 
Now you’re all set with these essentials, you can expect your beard game to be 100% on point. Show us how you care for your beard. Tag us with your beard story on IG and FB

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