HairMNL Le Couleur Nano Steam Machine

Le Couleur Nano Steam Machine

The LC Nano Steam Machine is a staple in Japanese salons as well as some of the top salons in the Philippines.
The LC Nano Steam Machine releases tiny steam molecules that open up the hair cuticle, and helps lock in hair moisture. This procedure helps prep the hair for product to penetrate better into the hair cuticle. This also prolongs the effect of hair treatments and hair color.

How It Works
The Nano Steam Machine applies the Superheated Steam System which vaporizes liquid water into single water molecules which have a diameter of 0.26nm (nanometer). These nanoscale water molecules, with thermal energy, can easily penetrate into 1nm hair cuticles. This system is widely used in the industry as a disinfection process, sanitizing hair cuticles with the application of steam.

The Nano Steam Machine is a multi-benefit treatment that can be used for the following:
Scalp Care
Hair Care
Hair Color

₱ 45,500


1. Plug in the machine and turn on the main switch.
2. Set the spray adjusts knob to the following settings:
     - 10 o'clock position: for long hair and longer period of time.
     - 12 o'clock position: for short hair and shorter period of time.
3. Upon pressing the power button, wait for 2-3 minutes to produce a fine mist before applying to hair or scalp.
4. After usage, turn off the machine by pressing the power button. 
- Allows rapid penetration of hair-care product into hair
- Repairs the hair cuticle
- Helps restore damaged hair
How to Use
1. Cleanse hair and then dry it.
2. Apply steam to hair for 3 to 5 minutes with the nano steamer about 6 inches away from the hair.
3. Apply hair care product on each section of hair as needed, then apply steam to hair for 8 to 10 minutes.
- Deep cleaning and expels scalp toxins
- Sterilizes scalp and prevents grease
- Promotes blood circulation
How to Use
1. Shampoo and rinse hair and then dry it.
2. Apply steam to scalp for 3 to 5 minutes with the nano steamer 6 inches away from the hair.
3. Apply scalp care product and massage scalp gently, then apply steam to scalp for 5 to 8 minutes.
How to Use
1. Before applying hair color cream, apply steam to hair for 3 to 5 minutes with the nano steamer 6 inches away from the hair.
     - Deeply cleans hair and helps open hair.
     - Sterilizes hair and prevents grease from interfering with color application.2. After finishing hair coloring procedure, apply steam to hair for 8 minutes with the nano steamer 30 cm away from the hair.
     - Quickly combines hair color cream and negative ions.
     - Helps hair color cream rapidly penetrate into hair and shortens time to soften the hair.
3. After cleansing hair, apply steam to hair for 8 minutes with the nano steamer 6 inches away from the hair.
     - Deep moisturizing to help hair become smooth and soft.
      - Enhances coloring effect and removes odors.

How to Use
1. Cleanse hair and then dry it.
2. Apply steam to hair for 3 to 5 minutes with the nano steamer 6 inches away from the hair.
    - Deeply cleans and sterilizes hair.
    - Controls scalp oil.
3. After using hair perm rods and reductant, apply steam to hair for 5 to 8 minutes. Each rod should be steamed more than once.
     - Rapid penetration into hair without any damage.
4. After using oxidant, apply steam to hair for 5 to 8 minutes. 
     - Quickly combines negative ions and oxidants.
     - Enhances hair gloss, texture, elasticity and dynamic lines.
5. After cleaning and drying the hair, apply steam to hair for 3 to 5 minutes.
     - Rapidly moisturizes hair and removes odor.
     - Repairs damaged hair.
     - Helps hair become smooth and soft.

Warning: Do not turn off the machine by directly unplugging the main switch. This can damage the machine.
  • Always apply sufficient time on the machine timer located in front of the machine to avoid interruption during operation. If time initially set is insufficient, minutes can be increased as needed.
  • Use distilled water only with your Nano Steam Machine. Minerals in other types of water can cause damage to the machine. 
  1. Make sure machine is turned off and unplugged from the main switch.
  2. Remove the hose connected to the container tank.
  3. Switch on the clean button. This will clear out excess water stored inside the machine.
  4. Once the water is completely clear, switch off the clean button.
Reminder: Use 1 bottle of vinegar and distilled water with 1:1 ration for cleaning, and 1 bottle of distilled water to clear the vinegar solution from the system.
     - Using the 1:1 vinegar and distilled water solution, switch on the clean button and let the solution pass through the machine system in order to remove dirt.
     - Using a bottle of distilled water, switch on the clean button to let the distilled water remove the vinegar residue inside the system before using the machine.
We recommend to do a weekly preventive maintenance or when you notice the machine performance decreases.

Note: This appliance should be used with an AVR or Powergard to avoid damage caused by fluctuations in voltage


Le Couleur Professionnel will provide a 14-day warranty policy which will be effective from the date the delivery was accepted by the consumer. The products are only eligible for a warranty service if the technical staff, after examining the defect/s, thinks it is due to faulty materials, controls, or other natural causes etc.

The products will not be eligible for warranty services for the following:
  1. Damages caused by accidents, negligence or wrong handling of the product which is not in accordance with the product instruction manual. (e.g, wrong installation, etc.)
  2. Damages caused by external repairs and services by other parties other than Le Couleur Professionnel.
  3. Damages caused by using the product for anything other than its original purpose.
  4. Damages caused by using parts and accessories which are not original components from Le Couleur Professionnel.
  5. Damages caused by using the product in a country other than the Philippines where it was originally sold.
The following guidelines shall be observed for products eligible for warranty service:
  1. The products repaired or replaced within the warranty period will not extend the warranty period.
  2. For products sold within Metro Manila, the items may be transported through courier services to HairMNL or directly to Le Couleur business address. The items and its accessories should be packed with its original box.Completion of warranty service depends on the extent of damage of the items but not longer than five (5) days within Metro Manila. Return of repaired items may take longer for customers from the provinces and outside Metro Manila.
Credit Card, Bank Deposit, Over-the-Counter, Installment Payments by BillEase. All payment methods except COD. COD is not allowed for styling tools.

Please expect delivery within 3 to 6 working days in Metro Manila, within 4 to 20 working days to provinces.

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