Wearable Art Hair Pieces You Have to Try

With how busy life gets, styling your hair may not be your topmost priority. But dressing up and styling up once in a while can take your mind off of things, even for a moment. So take the time to treat and reward yourself; there’s no harm in self-care because you deserve it!  With Balmain Hair Couture, level up your hair game with these glamorous and timeless wearable art pieces.

What Is Wearable Art?

Wearable art is handcrafted pieces, whether clothing or jewelry, that are designed to display a unique statement. Think of a fusion of art, fashion, and craft, all in one piece.
When you hear wearable art, does it make you feel uneasy or uncomfortable? As if it sounds too fancy or out of the norm? We’re here to tell you to scratch that mentality. Contrary to how high fashion it sounds, wearable art isn’t just for the runway but can be worn day-to-day as well.
Hair with Hair Pieces
Wearable art exists to establish a statement that’s uniquely you. With all types of materials from different inspirations and designs, the amount of possibilities and creativity is limitless.
With Balmain Hair Couture, your hair essentials are turned into wearable art you can wear every day. The label has established its legacy of being a premium and luxury brand in its field with over 40 years of heritage and experience. Their collections are limited yet crafted excellently with the integration of creativity, heritage, and innovation. It’s no wonder how Balmain Hair Couture remains successful in helping women highlight their beauty. 
Don’t be intimidated by how high-fashion it may sound! Remember, you are beautiful, and beautiful people deserve classic pieces to highlight beauty. Check out Balmain Hair Couture’s wearable art pieces below. 

1. Barrette pour Cheveux Black

Clip all the negativity away and know that you deserve a mighty good reward for yourself. So if you’re looking for a sign to treat yourself, then this is it! Indulge yourself with the Balmain Hair Couture Barrette pour Cheveux Black, P3,800. This black French clip is absolutely perfect for you if you’re looking for something more subtle, especially for dark-haired women.
 Barrette pour Cheveux Black

2. Barrette pour Cheveux Jewellery Gold

 Make a statement for your fine hair. Why settle for just fine, when it can be better? Dive into the world of wearable art with the Balmain Hair Couture Barrette pour Cheveux Jewellery Gold, P28,000, which is 18K gold plated.
 Barrette pour Cheveux Jewellery Gold
You no longer have to worry about your fine hair ‘do with this clasp. From its golden details to its design elements, its exquisite craft certainly makes any ‘do look photoshoot ready. The way it seamlessly curves around your half updo or your bun makes it so simple to give a classy touch. What’s not to love?  
Tip: If you’re going for a half updo, add some waves to it to add some movement and illusion of volume to your fine hair.  

3. Catwalk Ponytail Memory

Been dreaming of long hair, but don’t want to deal with caring for longer strands? Well, you don’t have to dream any longer because you can have instant (and we mean, instant) long hair with the Balmain Hair Couture Catwalk Ponytail Memory, P12,000.
Catwalk Ponytail Memory
This gorgeous ultra-long pony has been adorned by numerous models on the runway. But it looks equally amazing even outside the runway and all that glam. So how do you wear it? 
  1.       Apply a thin layer of Styling Gel Strong, P2,800, to the front of your hair to keep your ‘do sleek and neat..
  2.     Pull back your mane into a ponytail 
  3.       Grab the extension, and gently take down the small comb attached to the extension to your hair.
  4.       Once you’ve found your ideal pony position, loop the strand around your pony to cover the extension.
Doesn’t it sound easy? In just 4 steps, you get an instant 55 cm to your tresses. You can even play around with the extension by curling or straightening it to your heart’s desire. With how simple it is, we don’t blame you for wanting to try it out.

4. Limited Edition B Slide 

Who says wearable art has to be complicated? If you don’t have much time on your hands or aren’t feeling like styling your hair, then the Balmain Hair Couture Limited Edition B Slide, P3,900, is perfect for you. All you have to do is slide it into where you want to place it. And that’s it! 
Limited Edition B Slide
This wearable art jewelry is handcrafted with 18k gold, engraving the brand to the design. Wearing this hair accessory will instantly give your style a touch of elegance and class, no matter what hairstyle it may be.
Pro tip: While a single slide makes a fashion statement in itself, adding more slides will give you a whole new look as well. Or you can mix and match with a different slide like the one below to achieve an even more glamorous look.
Limited Edition B Slide gold
Hairstyling doesn’t have to be complex. An added hair accessory makes all the difference, so grab one and make a statement that is uniquely you. If you’d like to know more styling tips like this, check out our other covers on Tousled Magazine.

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