Mane Talk: Crafting a Better World Through the Power of Aromas

We love hair care brands that go beyond what’s expected of them. That’s what we’ve come to experience with Aveda, a plant-based pro hair care line. A brand that goes beyond the task of creating shampoos and conditioners, it has an entire universe of products that are natural, effective, and environmentally friendly. That's why were were excited to have over Kelly Rosso, Aveda's Principal Perfumer, with host Kelly Misa as they talk about the value of their aromas. 
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Aveda has had a huge following among hair care professionals & enthusiasts. Known for that #SmellsLikeAveda aroma, they’ve crafted signature scents lauded across the hair community. So, how do they make these aromas, and what is Aveda doing to revolutionize the world of hair care for the better one bottle at a time?
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Kate Rosso is the principal perfumer at Aveda. She has been instrumental in the creation of some of Aveda’s most popular scents. She says, "All of our aromas are created using only naturally derived ingredients. That’s very important to us.” She explains, “Natural ingredients adds so much more complexity and richness when using them. You also use something that’s grown from the earth, by people,” affirming that “over 95% of the essential oils we’ve used are certified organic.”
But why dedicate so much of their time and resources to the creation of these natural aromas? Rosso explains “that the sense of smell is directly connected to our memory and emotions.” All of which are harnessed to expand your experience with Aveda. Citing the example of their AVEDA Stress-Fix™ Composition Oil, P2,400, she notes that it “has been proven to relieve feelings of stress with its lavender and clary sage aromas.” 
Kate Rosso
Where does she take inspiration from? Dedicated to the art and science of her craft, Rosso says you can get it from anywhere. From memory, experiences, and even from food. An example of this was in the creation of AVEDA Nutriplenish™ Shampoo, P1900. Rosso says, “Our objective was to harness the power of superfoods to be able to nourish and hydrate your hair.” She adds, “We used coco, ginger, cardamom, lemon grass -- all things used in cooking -- adding fresh notes of citrus to keep it light. It also has ylang-ylang, which historically is known to contain aromatherapeutic properties.
Rosso admits natural aromas don’t last as long as synthetic ones -- that's why she recommends using the whole line from shampoo, to conditioner, to body wash and lotion, adding a pop of oil every now and then, to layer the aromatic experience, so it can last you the entire day. 
AVEDA Nutriplenish™ Shampoo
At its core though, Aveda is eco-friendly, in almost every sense of the word. From the inspiration, to the sourcing of their ingredients and the development of their products, Rosso says, “Aveda's mission towards sustainability really drives every decision we make. We really think about sustainability, and that is why we choose these vegan ingredients.”
Some brands make you feel good, others make you feel good while also doing good.
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