Match the Trending Hair Color for Your Skin Tone!

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The hair colors and products featured here have been reviewed by our experts so don’t hesitate to consult with them for any of these inspired choices. 

With summer rolling along, you may be thinking of making some changes to your hair color to brighten up your look. Although confidence is really all that matters in hair color, we’ve got the color inspirations to ask for based on your skin tone that really makes your complexion pop. 

What is skin tone and how to find it?

Skin tone is a scale by which we view your skin’s shade and its color temperature. More than simply dark or light, you also take into consideration the warm (yellow hues) & cool (pinkish tones) of your skin. 

PRO TIP: Here’s a neat trick to find your skin’s color temperature (a.k.a. your undertone). Look at the veins on your wrist, what color do they have. Blue veins likely have a cool complexion while green/olive veins have a more warm complexion. 

Chocolate Copper


On the morena side with a warm skin tone? Try Chocolate Copper, with just a hint of reddish tones to bring out the warmth in your complexion.

Interested in coloring your own hair? We've got the color + care + tools to get the job done.  

Cool Brunette 

In the middle of fair and morena, but also in between warm and cool skin tones, an olive skin tone works well with this cool brunette. 

Dark Amber Brown 

Meant for fair skin tones, this color has a hint of red to warm-up the skin. We love it because it really makes your skin color pop. 

Planning to color your own hair? Find natural shades that suit your hair and skin tone color here. Remember to consult with our experts to get the best results. 

Copper Brown

Meant for those with a warm ivory complexion, consider a dash of brown in your copper shade. It really draws out the yellow shades in your skin making you look fair yet sun-kissed. 

Au Naturel


Although you can certainly pull any color of, we want to take a moment to celebrate your natural hair color. Sometimes all your hair needs to feel new is some good deep hair care treatments that make it strong and beautiful, making it natural color shine. .

Regular care for beauty and shine, check out our collection here.  

PRO TIP: Highlights are great  Hair should have been previously bleached at your favorite salon for highlights to show 

Interested in trying out any of these colors? Message us with a picture of your current hair color, plus your hair goals and we’ll work with you to find the best color for you. 

Looking for the perfect hair color to do at home? Visit our Hair Color collection and discover a world of color for your hair.  As always, here at HairMNL we recommend you consult with us before making any purchase to ensure the best results. Consult with our experts today. 

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