Skunk Hair is the Fashion Forward Look You Need to Try Now!

Ready for a big change in hair color? Nothing says “I’m ready for something different” than this year’s breakout look. The skunk hairstyle is one of our absolute favorites coming out of 2021, and if you haven’t tried it yet, what better reason to head to the salon for a round of bleach than Halloween? But past the trick or treating, can the skunk hair carry over to the holidays? After seeing these hair inspirations, we know you’ll agree with us that yes it can!

What is “Skunk Hair”?

Skunk Hair
A two toned contrasting hair color between black and platinum blonde on a single head of hair, the base is often a deep black occupying at least 50% of your hair. Made popular in the last year or so, it feels like a natural progression for the growing dual tone trend of 2019-2020. It’s like the money piece, just bigger, bolder and unapologetic. But contrary to what you may have seen from the movie, there’s more than one way to sport the look to make them ready even past Oct 31st. 

The Cruella 

The Cruella
Let’s start with something familiar. If you haven’t seen it yet, Emma Stone in Cruella, the reimagining of Disney cartoon classic 101 Dalmatians, is earning a serious following for her hair style. Edgy and fashion forward, it is perfect for those who can resonate with that rebel spirit. Note though that Emma Stone was wearing a wig in the film, so here’s how it can look on a real head of hair.  

The Money Piece

The Money Piece
In contrast to 2019’s money piece, 2020-2021 has shown that this face framing style can go the distance, not just between shades of brown, but white front locks over a deep black mane. Artists like Jennie from Blackpink, Dua Lipa, and Andrea Brillantes have sported the style, with icy tendrils that make their look pop. 

The Skunk Stripe

The Skunk Stripe
If you want your hair to tell a story, then this style will definitely make the cut. The Skunk Stripe is a gradual bleaching of one front and side sections of the hair. Similar to the money piece, this bleaching style emanates from one section of the hair but is made to look like it gradually thickens. Be forewarned however that this look will need maintenance!

The Bottom Bleach

The Bottom Bleach  The Bottom Bleach Bun
Split horizontally, this is a surprisingly very chic look and just edgy enough to be fashion forward, but holds back on the punk. Dark on top but bleached at the bottom, when done right, it also grows out well. The contrast looks stunning with tinsel like strands that make for a great halloween or holiday look. 
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