Anatomy of a Haircut - The Bixie is the Latest Haircut Trend

What do you get when you cross a bob and pixie hair cut? A bixie of course, and it’s as cute as it sounds. The 2022 break out hair cut trend (thus far) is a beautiful chop with feathered ends and textured locks with lots of layers with some serious body. 
So why are people going crazy over it? On our first of a series of haircut features called “Anatomy of A Haircut,” we take on the Bixie. Check out the celebrities sporting the look here. 
From Rowan Blanchard & Ursula Corbero wet and short bixie to Gabrielle Union and Florence Pugh bodied cut, to Sarah Hyland dainty & Kirsten Stewart feathery long bixies, the look is versatile enough to fit different face shapes. But it isn’t an altogether new cut. In fact it very similar to the short cuts we saw in the 90’s from Princess Diana all the way to Meg Ryan. The difference being the amount of texture and appearance of lightness.
What can you expect from your stylist's chair?
Likely, your stylist already knows the bixie, but to be on the safe side here’s what to expect, The Bixie is a short shattered cut above or as long as the neck line. Don’t be surprised if your stylists switch scissors and blades as precision is key to get the right feathery textured. Your bangs can also be very soft and long framing your face nicely. That also means loads of layers all around as well for that grown out messy pixie cut. 
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Quick Styling Tutorial 
The great thing about this look is you can get it done in under 10 mins, with the first few minutes being crucial. Start by creating volume at the roots, running your hands to create lift. When you are at least  50% dry, make it easier by adding a volumizing spray like Bed Head by TIGI Oh Bee Hive!: Matte Dry Shampoo Duo, P1,500. Spray in bursts about a foot away from your scalp, parting the layers and focusing on the roots. No need for perfection at this point, what is key is creating the lift. After which you can begin to define the texture of your lengths with some texturizing spray like Aveda Texture Tonic, P1,900, for longer, softer bixies and a clay or light pomade for shorter ones, like the Davines This is a Strong Dry Wax: For Defined Matte Textures, P1,080.
We hope this look inspires your hairstyling this year and spurs something inspiring inside you. Hair after all is a great place to feel some positive change. Did you like this hairstyle? You can visit us in our NEW HairMNL Studio in the Vantage at Kapitolyo to get this look. Want to see more trends? Check out our features on Tousled here.

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