Wolf Cut is the Latest Viral TikTok Trend — Here’s What You Need to Know

During the pandemic, TikTok has been a creative outlet for many given the lockdown restrictions. TikTok users have actively created content, challenges, and trends that have easily gone viral – including cutting your own hair. If you’re in search of a new hairstyle, the “wolf cut” has been making waves in TikTok and users from all over the world are jumping on the bandwagon to try on the style! Here’s what you need to know. 
What is a “Wolf Cut”?
The “wolf cut” is a power duo hairstyle that' in itself that’s a mix of two trendy cuts: shag and mullet. The dubbed name is befitting with how edgy and untamed-looking the trending cut is -  from its trademark curtain bangs to short mullet layers at the front and gradually tapering off to multiple shaggy layers for the bottom. The body made by the choppy layers at the top mixed with wispy layers at the bottom gives you an instant edgy yet chic look.
Wolf Cut with bangs
What are some “Wolf Cut” styles?
With how viral the hairstyle is, people have been owning the looks with small variations you can do too. If you’re interested in getting the cut, you can share the pegs we’ve prepared for your next salon visit. But if you’re feeling adventurous, you may try your hand at cutting your own hair as seen from different TikTok users — for best results though we recommend you go to a salon pro. 
When it comes to styles, you might think it’s impossible to get a wolf cut for short hair, but it’s not! TikTok user @coolmadsgames shared a tutorial on how you can achieve a wolf cut for short hair. She layered her hair in sections, keeping her top section shorter to give it more volume. See the drastic transformation in vibe - from soft, dainty look to an instant edgy, cool look.
Other TikTok users @joycemehhh and @tak0gal also showed how the “wolf cut” can look good on medium-length to long tresses. They took their wolf cuts to a next level by coloring sections of their hair to amp up the vibe.
How to slay that “Wolf Cut”?
Once you’ve got the style you’ve wanted, time to style up your newly layered cut!
When it comes to drying your hair, we recommend letting it air dry to keep that volume and body on your hair. Want to take it a notch further? You may opt to use these professional styling tools to add soft waves or add texturizing products to scrunch the ends with some Bed Head by TIGI Get Twisted Anti-Frizz Finishing Spray, P910. This lightweight, fast drying spray helps to protect from frizz and helps provide long-lasting shape without the weight, giving further dimension to your layers.
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