Channel Your Inner Boss Babe with These Power Hair Styling Essentials

The Tiger is a zodiac symbol of courage, strength, and righteousness. This 2022, welcome the Year of the Tiger with power and finesse in all aspects of your life - including your hair of course! Let your manes down and style them to blowout perfection with our four heat styling picks:

Tigress-inspired BlowoutsTigress-inspired Blowouts side part

Tigress-inspired Blowouts from Pinterest



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1) Volumizing Shampoo Set 

Before anything else, a good blowout needs an equally good foundation of wet, nourished, and volumized hair. Davines VOLU Volume Boosting Set with FREE OI Milk 50ml ₱ 2,640 does just that, with its gently cleansing shampoo, volumizing hair mist, and FREE detangling and anti-frizz leave-in spray treatment! All your pre-blowout must haves in one kit. Don’t forget to softly towel dry your hair after rinsing and before applying the mist and milk!

Volumizing Shampoo Set

2) Heat Protectant Spray

As we will be dealing with quite a lot of heat, it is important to keep our hair and its cuticles protected from damage and stress. Using a heat protectant spray will also prevent colored hair from turning brassy after heat styling. L'Oreal Tecni.Art Pli Heat Protecting Spray 190ml ₱ 930 is a heat-activated spray that gives shape and memory to your hair all while keeping a soft texture and a natural feel. Pli is perfect for all hair types and is best used for ​​wavy or souple blow dried styles and wave-set styles. Remember to spray generously and avoid contact with your eyes!

Heat Protectant Spray

3) Your Trusted Brush

Now, let’s begin the styling! To get those tigress blowout waves, you will need the right hair brush. TIGI Pro Medium Round Brush ₱ 680 is perfect for giving you styling control for a smooth finish. It is also designed and tested by professional hairdressers so you can get that salon look! 

Note that smaller round brushes make for tighter waves and curls, whereas larger round brushes such as TIGI Pro Large Round Brush ₱ 750 creates larger waves with greater volume.

Trusted Brush

4) Bring on the Heat Styling

Of course, every blowout needs a high-quality blow dryer for the best results. The innovative Gamma Piu Active Oxygen Hair Dryer ₱ 7,600 is the only hairdryer in the world with Active Oxygen Emission and Silver Nano Technology for scientifically tested advantages in overall hair wellbeing while still maintaining an overall bomb look. Separate your hair into sections and use both your brush and dryer to slowly but surely get those blow dried curls!

Heat Styling

And there you have it! Power walk with style through the Year of the Tiger with just 4 simple essentials! If you are still unsure about how to style your hair or what the suitable products are for it, simply send us a message for a free consultation with our HairMNL experts. Visit Tousled Online Magazine or follow us on Facebook and Instagram as well to stay updated with the latest hair trends and styles.

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